Is Relationship Marketing the Buzz?


People buy from other People like know, like and trust!

All your online interaction yesterday, today and tomorrow are and will be part of the image people have on you and your brand.

Every single activity you do online is a testimonial to your current and future clients. Having clarity on your mission and vision is therefore critical.   If you are not clear on what YOU stand for, the changes are; your personal brand has already been created for you, and it might not be the image you desired.

So, before you hit that “ENTER” key next time, ask yourself:  “Will this interaction increase my personal brand image and give value to my network,  or will it decrease the value?”

People who really understand the importance for branding their uniqueness and building genuine relationships online, are staying ahead of the game.  They have clarity on their strength, knowledge, skills, they know where they are heading and because they are authentically themselves … their strong self-image gives them the head-start building new relationships when communicating their brand.

5 Points for Effective Relationship Marketing

“New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.”
~ Ben Grossman, founder of BiGMarK

  1. Get clarity on your brand uniqueness.  One brilliant way is the 360°Reach Assessment Report on You and Your Brand, a tool to gain clarity on your uniqueness in a simple but yet a BIG eye-opener process.   I’ve offered the report for only $390 .  Including your very own 25 page report and a one-on-one coaching, helping you find your strengths, brand statement and clarify your future plans.
  2. Allocate minimum 30 minutes a day to interact personally with your online followers or network.  Remember, you are building a relationship, please do not fall into the “non-personal corporate trap” by only interact with your network by blasting out sales-pitches.
  3. Ask your online network questions with the purpose to increase engagement.  Zappo’s CEO Tony Hsieh and his team, uses Twitter as an example to ask their followers for their ideas on how Zappo’s can become a better online store.
  4. Keep  the 80/20 rule in mind when posting updates.  In other words use 80% of your online activity to build relationship, give value and build trust and only 20% to promote your products.
  5. Never forget the new somebody is the old nobody!   We are talking real-time marketing, your word-of-mouth.  If you can’t monitor whats being said about you and your brand, hire a professional assistant to do so.  Be sure to have a clear communication plan at hand, for both positive and crisis-management action plan to reach out to,  when needed.

What do you think about Relationship Marketing?

Feel free to post your comments below and share!

 Looking for interesting book on Relationship Marketing?

Check out:  Enchantment, Guy Kawasaki where he makes the assertion that Nobody is the new Somebody. Check also out Mari Smith book “The New Relationship Marketing”

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