“Whether you think you can, or can’t, you’re right!”

Yes, I can

That’s what Henry Ford said, and we are talking about a man who had only 3 months of formal education, but a whole lot of vision and passion to make his dream machine become a reality.

Isn’t it amazing, that all that’s needed is for you to believe!

Sounds simple? The expectations we have for ourselves are largely determined by our self-image. The opinion we have of ourselves directly impacts our expectations and chances for success in ventures of all sorts.

Have you ever thought about what you believe YOU CAN DO?
Let’s look at a few examples:

  • Do you believe you can run a successful business?
  • Do you believe you can take your business international?
  • Do you believe you could be a board member at a corporation like Microsoft, Apple or whatever corporation appeals to you?
  • Do you believe you could enjoy a balanced family life, and run a successful business?

Just like Henri Ford said: Whether you think you can, or can’t, you’re right!  And if you think you can’t but you really would like to get there, ask yourself: “What would I need to have in order to believe that I could?” Whats holding me back from pursuing my dream? How would my world look like if I believe I can?

Branding Yourself

As a business & executive coach, I’m so fortunate to work with many successful entrepreneurs who have a dream and believe they can achieve it.   These entrepreneurs are also ready and willing to unleash their fullest potential and look for ways to achieve their future visions.
What happens?  Inevitably their vision will expand … they will start to explore the world outside their comfort zone … and that’s when things start to happen!

I often talk about Henry Ford in my workshops and seminars, and his work back in the 1930’s.  For me, he is the perfect example of an entrepreneur who followed his passion, mission and vision with unstoppable energy.

Ready … steady … GO?  If you are ready to believe in your own power, I’m here to support and coach you all the way!  Click the “contact me” form at the bottom of the page, send me a line and let’s start to work on YOUR SUCCESS!

The decision  is yours!


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