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Last week, I’ve had the privileged to train students graduating from KaosPilots Business School in Arhus, Denmark.

The training consisted of my favorite topics on personal branding, finding your passions &  uniqueness,  and creating a text that represents the brand called YOU!  Often called, your elevator pitch.

KaosPilot Business School

The KaosPilot school proceeds their trainings in a different way.  As I’m a sucker for innovation in all aspects of the word, I was really excited to give them my Success Training Program “Your Brand, Your Passion”.

The art of catching people’s attention

One part of my training at the KaosPilot school was creating their own elevator pitch prior to that work, the students had worked on their passions, visions, their personal strengths … all a process to give them a clearer picture of who they actually are.

Creating your elevator pitch is, for most people, more challenging then they expect at first.  As a serial entrepreneur, I know myself, how challenging it is to catch people’s attention in the less than 60 second gap you’ve got. It’s a bit like your business plan, a process constantly evolving!

The Generation Y and the Elevator Pitch

During our “elevator pitch” session, I especially noticed how their ears and eyes opened, when I told them about a new app I had heard about, called the WOWPITCH.  At WOWPITCH users can create their very own elevator pitch with a little help from an app button on their phone.  WOW! the students all said … and one added: “That sounds great, all I would need to do when introducing myself, would be to touch PLAY on my phone and my ready made, perfect pitch is there ready for me” 

Building Your Brand from Your Today’s Online Activities!
Will that be the new App?

This comment made me think a bit.  How will these students communicate their brand in 10 or 15 years from now?  Will it all be computer based?  Will they simply find 4-8 words that describe their uniqueness, and a tiny little computer will come up with innovative 1-2 sentences that stands out – giving the authentic feeling and be the beginning of a beautiful business relationship?

OR will they be able to create their “elevator pitch” with a quick automatic online search.  A search engine or an app that simply crawls the web, searches for the feeling their comments and personal interactions give about them and their brand.  All created automatically from their online activities.  How does that picture look like? Authentic?

I know part of this technology is already available, via the CLARA concept.   Maybe you can already purchase this type of an app today?! An app who could create your personal brand persona in less than a minute or two!

So let’s say you could have that application on your smart-phone.  Would the outcome be the brand you would be proud to represent? A question I think we all need to think about, each time we participate, comment or post something on the internet.

We live in a constantly evolving world … while you wait for an application to figure things out for you, personal branding coaching, 360°Brand Assessment and other BRANDit tools are there for you to help you clarify your uniqueness.  What sort of a help do you need to clarify your uniqueness in less than 60 seconds?  

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