What does your “ABOUT US” page say about your uniqueness?


The little things that mean EVERYTHING!

Working with people and companies to develop even clearer picture of who they are and what they represent or stand-for, is a process I find so interesting.  I think it’s so interesting that with all the flow of information on the internet, the core thing of marketing i.e. “People buy from other People they know, like and trust” is just getting a bigger value in the consumers mind.

Knowing the people behind the company brand

We as consumers want to know the people behind the company brand; who they are and what they do.  As said before: “People buy from other People they know, like and trust” When was the last time you updated your information on your “ABOUT US” page?  Are you talking to your potential client on your web site as a robot? Or are you giving it your personal touch to it, so the reader/viewer can instantly feel the company culture?

What does your ABOUT US page show?

Every time I enter a new webpage that grabs my attention, I have a habit to go into the companies “ABOUT US” page.  I do so, because I’m curious to see the faces behind the brand, I’m curious to learn about their background, what each one of them represents in the company.

At BRANDit, where we take personal branding seriously, we just recently created a new product line, we call “ABOUT US” where we offer companies our services to upgrade their profile to a BRANDit styled profile, with our unique personal photography,  and group coaching work-shop where employees get the opportunity to create their very own introduction text that shows their individual uniqueness.

In my next blogs, I’m going to point out few interesting “ABOUT US” profiles I’ve stumbled upon lately.

Got interesting or outstanding ABOUT US page to share?

Feel free to post in our comment space below!  I’m really interested to hear what you find is an outstanding “ABOUT US” page!

Till then … stay connected!


Posted on March 2, 2012 in For Personal Development, For the Entrepreneur, For the Web Developer, Personal Branding

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