Communicating Your Brand


When you Show Your Uniqueness..

… when you know your passions, visions, missions, and can pitch your personal brand statement with confidence and style, that’s when people around you start to pay close attention to who you are and what you and your brand represent!

That’s why we created BRANDit – the personal branding program, I and my business partner, Bjarney Ludviksdottir founded in 2010.

We founded BRANDit for a very simple reason:  We, simply wanted to pursue our personal passions for seeing women in business grow!  By utilizing our personal skills, knowledge and background to the fullest.  As business women ourselves, running and building our independent businesses for years internationally as well as nationally, we knew there was a need for a program like this.


Two years later, we have an EU WIIN Awarded Personal Branding program we are offering to women in business around the world, we knew how important it was to be able to communicate our business concept in an easy but yet memorable way.


Last month we had our ran our BRANDit program for business women in Malta, where powerful, bright and fast forward business women re-invigorated their work passions, missions and created their brand new pitch for themselves and their business.

All the BRANDit participants will receive professionally styled photo’s for them to use at their own promotional materials for themselves and their business, along with a specially edited video trailer, stating their pitch.


The final outcome from the BRANDit MALTA program will be launched May 3rd when we will send the special edition of the BRANDit MALTA Online Magazine into the cyber space!

To follow-up on our BRANDit activities, be first to know when we launch their special Online BRANDit MALTA Magazine, check out our FACEBOOK page, click here!

Next BRANDit program in Malta is already being planned.
November 15th – 18th 2012   Save the date!

Posted on April 17, 2012 in For Personal Development, For the Entrepreneur, Personal Branding

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