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BRANDit Interviewing Women Entrepreneurs

Last week I had the opportunity to travel in my native country, Iceland with my business partner at BRANDit, Bjarney Ludviksdottir. The purpose of our trip was to visit number of women entrepreneurs in the country, connect with them,  find out what their future visions were, what they were doing to promote and market their products and services and what they felt was most important for them to promote their business the months and years to come. As Bjarney and I work with women entrepreneurs worldwide, we were curious to learn first hand about these women and their challenges, building their brands.

Are women really the hidden drive in the economy?

These women all had one thing in common; They are known for their contribution to the working environment in their village or community, by either their own company, production or ideas, they all lived in the rural area of Iceland.  They are all playing an important role to keep their community alive, offering various services and products to tourists visiting their villages as well to shops and galleries nationwide.

Connecting With Remarkable Women

As we prepared for our trip, we collected information about interesting women by calling their local village office asking the simple question:“Which woman in business in your are do you feel is doing a remarkable thing, and has an interesting project/story to share with us”  In majority of the phone calls we got a list of more than 3-5 or even more of interesting women we should look out for, and off we went.  We were eager to meet these women, interview them and learn how we as personal branding advocates could support them to grow their business.

What are Icelandic Women in the Rural Area Doing?

In three days we met and interviewed 10 Women Entrepreneurs running different businesses.  The diversity of their businesses was enormous.   From creating, teaching and selling naturally coloring  Icelandic yarn to creating medical herbs to help cancer patients from the herb Lupina.  We spoke with a female farmer from Erpsstadir who had changed the cow-shed into a Ice-cream and Icelandic confectionery production straight from the farmer.  Today Helga (the farmer) and her husband receive yearly over 15.000.- tourists and tourist attraction where they offer their visitors to watch the cows being milked in one window and the Ice-cream production in the other window while sipping hot coffee or even tasting the real product.

Check out this little video we recorded when interviewing these women!
(OOPS! you’ve got to understand Icelandic to enjoy it to the fullest)

We were invited into several private homes.  Homes of women who had started to use their passion, skills and knowledge in hand-crafts of various kinds to create products and new opportunity to bring extra cash into their households following the economic-crash in Iceland back in 2008.    We talked to two happy and passionate entrepreneurs who had attended a week-end course in how to make cheeses into a blooming business of their own.  We met women who had passion for their work and we met women who where confused, dried out of all energy and longed for a guiding hand to support them to take the next steps in their business.

 “Forget China, India and the internet: Economic growth is driven by women” ~ Economist 2006

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of women and how they are the growing sector in the economic world.  I can also see from my experience working with women entrepreneurs all over the world, that they could provide a whole lot more if they only had more believe in themselves

Having a strong self-image is a much stronger factor than having the financial resources, although the financial resources are most often the #1 thing they talk about when you ask them what they need!

Napoleon Hill, the magnificent bestseller author of the book “Think & Grow Rich” points out in his book “Success” the 30 most common causes of failure, where lack of capital is actually in the last seat, there are 29 other reasons to cause failure.

As a certified executive & personal branding coach myself, working with women entrepreneurs from all over the world, I’ve seen it time and again what a few coaching hours can do for their self-image.  The results is remarkable, and the ROI (return on investment) is staggering.

My Mission

After visiting personally these amazing women in the rural areas of Iceland, I’m more determined than ever to offer my knowledge & expertise in personal branding and personal development to women worldwide who are ready to unleash their potentials, create outstanding personal profile where they communicate with confidence and passion who they are and what they offer and can from there build and grow their dream business.


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