The Power of First Impression!

If you already have a LinkedIn Profile, your profile will most likely be on the first page of the Google search.  That means, if someone is Google-ing your name he/she will most likely check out your LinkedIn profile.  Your LinkedIn profile is therefore the first thing… the first impression you are giving on your personal brand, and we all know about the importance of the first impression… right?

7 Key Factors to Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile   TWEET THIS

  • Upload a Professional Photo If you do not have a professional photo, make the time to attain one. “A Picture Tells a Thousands Words”
  • Create a Tagline that Represents Who You Are This is the space right beside your picture on your profile.  Keep in mind your tagline contains your keywords as it’s crucial for the SEO in the LinkedIn search engine.
  • Fill out “SKILLS & EXPERTISE” field The more SKILLS you mark as your expertise, the more likely your profile will pop-up on the LinkedIn Search Engine, and the more likely you will be found and looked at as the EXPERT in that field.
  • Add Links to Your Personal & Professional Web Sites or Blog Give your reader links to relevant web sites or blog.  Make sure also that your blog and web sites link back to your LinkedIn profile, it increases your Google SEO as well.
  • Your Personal Brand Statement – or – Elevator Pitch Write down your Personal Brand Statement (Max 2 sentences) or Elevator Pitch (Max 30 sec to read) to give your reader clear insight into who you are and what you stand for.
  • Complete Your Profile 100% Complete LinkedIn Profile = You are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.  In order to complete the profile you need to have the following on your profile:
    • Your industry and location
    • An up-to-date current position
    • Two past positions
    • Your education
    • Your skills (minimum of 3)
    • A profile photo
    • At least 50 connections
  • Promote Your LinkedIn Profile Share valuable content on your LinkedIn News-feed to your network. There are thousands of professional groups on LinkedIn, look around and find groups where you feel you can both give as well as receive valuable content. Keep in mind every single activity you perform on LinkedIn will be part of your profile, it will therefore be part of building up  your reputation, your personal brand. Finally, once your LinkedIn profile is completed, add a link to your profile in your automatic email signature, an invitation to ALL your email contacts to know more about you and your shining uniqueness!

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