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5+2 ways to market your brand

5 + 2 Proven Ways to Market Your Brand

There Are More Than 5 Ways to Market Your Brand. Which One Will You Choose? How’s business been? Are you making as much as you would like? Is it growing? No? Yes? Maybe? Hardly? Regardless of your answer, there is one thing your brand needs if it’s going to captivate the imagination of people and…

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The Brand Called Iceland and Personal Branding

How Re-Branding Iceland Transformed My Career

How I Discovered My Branding Through Iceland Collapse Join Up Dots Podcast with David Ralph · 60 minutes I think this is the first time in an interview where I’m asked: “When did your tits come into place?” well the amazing David Ralph at Join Up Dots did …and I just had to tell him the whole…

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Brandit Talk in Reykjavik Iceland

6 Speakers Ready to Make Their Mark Global | Brandit Talk

BRANDit TALK – Reykjavik, Iceland June 4th 2015 TIME: 12:30 – 16:30 –  LOCATION:  DECODE AUDITORIUM – 101 REYKJAVIK  6 INTERNATIONAL SPEAKERS WITH 6 INSPRING TOPICS Audience role: Have fun, become inspired by listening to 6 amazing speakers giving their insightful talk Evaluate each speaker via a special online application Be part of a filmed…

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What Marketing Method is Right for Your Personal Brand?

How to Build a Marketing System that Flows with Your X-Factor Truth be told, I’m a sucker for keeping things in flow: using my clients’ natural skills, attributes, brilliance – yup, their X-factor – to build a system that fits THEM. I believe one of the main reasons so many people don’t do anything about…

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How to make people fall in love with your personal brand

Creating a Devoted Fan Base for Your Personal Brand

This is How You Can Get to Know Your Brand (and Create a Devoted Fan Base for Your Brand!) So, here’s a question for you… How do you know your brand? What does that even mean? Well, knowing your brand means that every morning when you hop out of bed and put your socks on…

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Knowing Your Competition for Your X-Factor

What Every Business Owner and Entrepreneur Should Know About the Competition It’s something your business is engaged in every single day, without fail. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do – there will almost always be competition of some sort (unless you’re in a totally-out-of-the-box business, like that one guy whose was…

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branding your x factor

Why You Will Never Have A Great Career

If you’ve been telling yourself that if you: “Only work hard enough” or “Only become lucky enough” then you will reach your grandest vision for your career… then think again.  Inspiration by Larry Smith… a great TED Talk  So, what is your excuse for not pursuing your passion?     ______________________________________________________ Wondering who is Runa…

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promoting your brand

6 “Nearly Fine” Ways (and one unique “twist”) to Discover Your X-Factor’s Target Groups

6 “Nearly Fine” Ways to Discover Your X-Factor’s Target Groups (and one Unique “twist”) So…here’s a question for you: do you know what your target group is? I mean the group of people who will really “click” with your X-factor – the people who will feel at home with that special thing that makes you – you, your…

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What will 2015 bring to the world?


          ____________________________ LEARN FROM THE FOLLOWING ATL-EUROPE TRANSFORMATION LEADERS: Marie Diamond – a globally renowned transformational leader, featured in the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret” Nicholas Haines – creator of The Vitality Test, a Transformational Leader & International Speaker Dr. Andrea Pennington – a global transformational leader founder of Pennington Empowerment Media Company…

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branding your x factor

The 5 Secret Steps to Branding Your X-Factor | Webinar

Are you letting another year pass still leaving tons of unaccomplished goals and “coulda-shoulda-wouldas” on the table? Are you been telling yourself “I’m so busy” and at the same time you still can’t understand why your business and brand is not where it should be? Kisha Mays the CEO and founder at JUST FEARLESS contacted me few…

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