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Having Humor for Your Personal Brand | Podcast

Getting Your Mojo Back | Podcast

Lost Your Mojo? You’ve thought you’ve got it, then one day it was gone.  In this podcast, Runa Magnus talks about the roller-coaster ride from being a “wanna-be-preneur” to entrepreneur and how to keep your Mojo alive and kicking.  

What will 2015 bring to the world?


          ____________________________ LEARN FROM THE FOLLOWING ATL-EUROPE TRANSFORMATION LEADERS: Marie Diamond – a globally renowned transformational leader, featured in the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret” Nicholas Haines – creator of The Vitality Test, a Transformational Leader & International Speaker Dr. Andrea Pennington – a global transformational leader founder of Pennington Empowerment Media Company…

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branding your x factor

The 5 Secret Steps to Branding Your X-Factor | Webinar

Are you letting another year pass still leaving tons of unaccomplished goals and “coulda-shoulda-wouldas” on the table? Are you been telling yourself “I’m so busy” and at the same time you still can’t understand why your business and brand is not where it should be? Kisha Mays the CEO and founder at JUST FEARLESS contacted me few…

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The Size Matters Communicating Your Brand

Does The Size Matter When Communicating Your X-Factor?

THE POWER OF VALUING YOUR OWN X-FACTOR I’ve been traveling in Malta for the past weeks with my one and only Oli.  We absolutely love this island, it’s people and culture.  Not to mention the SUN and LIGHT which we do not have much of in Iceland these days.   During my weeks on this…

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Branding Your X Factor - Book Logo

Branding Your X-Factor | Authenticity

The World is Screaming for Authenticity Small businesses that are showing their authentic value with purpose and passion today are going to be leading the way in the business world tomorrow. Elaine Starling the CEO & Founder of Starling Media Interviewed me the other day.  She wanted to know more about how personal branding and…

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President Obama just called me

President Obama Just Called Me!

President Obama Just Called Me and Asked If I could Help his team out to discover and brand their X-factor. Oh well, I’m kidding about that part, he really didn’t. I wrote this statement down after a friend of mine said to me: “Runa, it would not surprise me if the President Obama would call…

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Make More Money By Branding Your X-Factor

BY BRANDING YOUR X FACTOR YOU COULD BE… moving yourself from being an average business person to a well positioned brand. _____________________ I’m traveling in Malta these weeks.  Having loads of fun in a beautiful mixture of a vacation in the sun and promoting my book: “BRANDING YOUR X FACTOR, How the secret to success is…

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How do you find your X-factor | Personal Branding Podcast

HOW DO YOU DISCOVER & BRAND YOUR X-FACTOR? Insightful Personal Branding Tips from Runa Magnus Listen on iTunes – click here! Listen on Stitcher – click here!


Inspirational Tips | The Key To Transform Your Life

What is the key to transform your life? I had to ask Marilyn Devonish one of Europe’s leading transformation teacher and leader this question as I knew from following her and listening to her wisdom and insights at the ATL-Europe Conference, and this is what she shared: Like this Inspirational Tip? Click here to subscribe…

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