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Why You Will Never Have A Great Career

If you’ve been telling yourself that if you: “Only work hard enough” or “Only become lucky enough” then you will reach your grandest vision for your career… then think again.  Inspiration by Larry Smith… a great TED Talk  So, what is your excuse for not pursuing your passion?     ______________________________________________________ Wondering who is Runa…

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6 “Nearly Fine” Ways (and one unique “twist”) to Discover Your X-Factor’s Target Groups

6 “Nearly Fine” Ways to Discover Your X-Factor’s Target Groups (and one Unique “twist”) So…here’s a question for you: do you know what your target group is? I mean the group of people who will really “click” with your X-factor – the people who will feel at home with that special thing that makes you – you, your…

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Embrace Your Every Thought... Runa Magnus

The Secret to Happiness – Boosting Your Personal Brand

Are you loving your work and delivering happiness in everything you do? Being seen as a happy personal brand is an attribute I often see people have mixed feelings about.  Loving my work and being happy and deliving happiness is one of my core brand attribute. Inspirational Tips from Ian Young I asked my fellow…

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Loving Yourself – Loving Your Work

Loving yourself and loving your life… a topic my friend The UK Body & Mind Top Trainer Penny Beale is THE expert in.  In fact, for me Penny’s personal brand is all about how you can build confidence and build your self esteem at the same time by loving your body.   Every time I talk to…

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Boring, boring, boring elevator pitches | Personal Branding

Creating boring elevator pitches, is that really the thing? Elevator pitches… heard of them? You know the pitch the biz experts tell you draw up, memorize and deliver every single time you meet a possible client? I do agree with those experts, it is absolutely vitally important for you to know how to communicate your…

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Climbing the corporate ladder

5 Keys To Market Your Small Business [Infographic]

Can Authentic Personal Branding be the Key to Market Your Small Business?  Have you’ve been asking yourself: How can I, as a heart-centered business owner, build a sustainable small business, make a difference in this world AND at the same time make a good living by simply loving my work?  Is there a way to…

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Your reputation

What will Your Brand Colour be in 100 years?

Branding Your Business as a Small Business Owner? Picking your brand colour for small business owners can often be a tricky thing.  Your brand colours need to represent your authentic personal brand so that your current and future clients will instantly feel the same feeling whether they are visiting your business premises, accepting your business card, talking…

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5 Steps to Love Your Work on a Monday Morning

LOVE WHAT YOU DO WITH THESE 5 SIMPLE STEPS TO HAPPINESS & INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY If I had a penny for each time people have asked me:“Runa, how do you continue to love your work no matter what?”  … well I would have a whole lot more of pennies in my pocket! (smile) I’m all about…

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Success in 2015

The Personal Branding Trends for 2015

REDICTING THE TRENDS FOR BRANDING YOURSELF IN 2015 – Making’it in the Marketplace – As The Motivational Personal Branding Speaker & Strategist, working with entrepreneurs and “wanna-be-entrepreneurs” worldwide, I see a certain trends emerging in the market place. TRENDSETTING OF BRANDING YOURSELF  IN 2015 and why knowing and branding your x-factor is the key. I believe,…

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The 20 Steps to Build an Awesome Personal Brand | Images

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE YOURSELF, AND BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF? Few weeks ago, I created a special poster I named: “The 20 Steps to Build a Strong Authentic Personal Brand” and apperantly people are LOVING it, thank you folks who have been  emailing me and commenting on the steps, even sharing your own stories. Like…

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