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THe SeXy Factor

6 things that ain’t sexy for your personal brand

Being yourself 100% is super sexy! Trying to be something you are not… just ain’t hot at all. Whether you have realized it or not.  You are a brand.  There is already something that pops up when people in your network think about you.  The question is; are you known for the things you WANT…

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Get up off your butt stop being average use your X-factor

3 Steps Opening for the Sexy Part of Your X-Factor

Hey amazing you Tell me… Ever Wondered… Why are some people considered to be very sexy? Sexy, attractive, super appealing, drawing attention to them… effortlessly (it seems) Confidence The woman or the man with a strong sense of self-confidence instantly gives off that “sexy vibe” that I bet you are familiar with.  It’s the easy…

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When We are being SeXy - according to Marcia Martin

People With That SeXy Factor | Interview with Marcia Martin

I’ve Bet You’ve Noticed People That Seem To Effortlessly Shine, People With That SeXy Factor? I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. I desperately want to see more of naturally happy, confident people in this world! Yes, those people that seem to shine effortlessly from the inside out.  They seem to have…

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Got nothing to do today but smile Inspirational Quote

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Burnouts?

When the going get’s tough… the tough gets going!  Or does it? Been there, done that… bought the t-shirt! Oh, the beauty of being an entrepreneur with everything that follows that entrepreneurial bug. Well, there are days when everything seems to be in the flow of things… then there are these days when you start…

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Loving Your Life with Laughter and Flow

The Confident YOU! 5 Steps to Boost Your Confidence & Clarity

The Confident YOU! 5 Steps to Boost Your Confidence & Clarity I’ve got a question for you.   Do you often find yourself feeling depressed, unsure of yourself?  Are you more concerned about other people’s happiness than your own? Do you often find yourself listening to a conversation that you do want to add your…

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Excuse me... why are you so sexy?

Have a sense of humour and masturbate

  “Be strong, believe in freedom and God, love yourself, understand your sexuality, have a sense of humor, masturbate, don’t judge people by their religion, color or sexual habits, love life and your family.” ~ Madonna Tell me, what happens to you when you read this quote from the world famous artist Madonna? Does Madonna’s…

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THe SeXy Factor

5 things about your SeXy Factor Your Boss Wants to know

“Sex is as much about opening yourself and showing your sexuality to another human being as it is about allowing them to show you theirs. If you want your lover to expand their horizons with you, it’s vital that you give them the same courtesy of hearing their secrets without making them feel creepy about…

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The More You Love Your Decisions the less you need others to love them

The Power in Loving Your Decisions in Life

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.” My today’s mantra.  Being an entrepreneur isn’t all shiny rosy bed of freedom and joy (well it’s quite a lot of that actually – ;-).  I have my share of gloomy days where I ask myself: “What the f…. are you thinking…

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abundance mantra #4 blog title

Expecting & Accepting Abundance

Abundance Mantra #4 –  –   “An Integral Being Knows Without Going, Sees Without Looking, and Accomplishes without Doing” ~ Lao Tzu –  – FACEBOOK   TWITTER   PINTEREST _______________________________________________________ Step Up your Happiness Zone DOWNLOAD FREE 10 Steps to Happiness eGuide & Poster  


Limitless Abundance

Living limitless with abundance – is it possible?   “All Things that Truly Matter – Beauty, Love, Creativity, Joy, Inner-Peace – Arise from Beyond the Mind”~ Eckhart Toll   FACEBOOK POST TWITTER   PINTEREST ________________________________________ BOOST YOUR HAPPINESS ZONE! Download My FREE 10 Steps to Happiness Zone eGuide & Poster      

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