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A Team isn’t a Team Just Because You Call it a Team

A Team Isn’t a Team Unless it Works as a Team! “Hey, team – our XYZ event is coming up in few months, we need to come up with a theme, structure and action steps.” Oh, I remember how excited I was when I received this email from the head of the marketing department I…

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When Passion Fades | Facebook LIVE

What do you do, is everything ruined for you? We all know the importance of having a passion for your life, your business or your job.   What do you do when you wake up one day, and you discover your passion is no longer there? Does it destroy your reputation?  Is your personal brand…

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Getting Unstuck in Life with Your SeXy Factor with Marcia Martin

Getting unstuck by stop taking yourself so seriously! Feeling stuck in life isn’t my favourite place to be.  And I guess that applies to you as well.  I mean, who want’s to be stuck in the mud? When you feel trapped, it’s like everything in the world is working against you.  It’s like you are…

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5 Steps to Feeling Energised [The Confident You Webinar]

Which of the following statements ring a bell for you? You just find yourself tired, even though you’ve been on a summer holiday. You are wondering if you are really on the right track with your career. You can’t really remember when was the last time you felt alive… sexy Your life seems to be…

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Practical Personal Branding Tips #2

Thinking about how you can seriously boost your personal brand? Check out my Practical Steps to Personal Branding STEP #1 and watch STEP #2 below.  All part of my X-Factor Personal Branding Online Academy and Membership Site. The X-Factor Personal Branding Academy & Membership Site

Personal Branding Step 1

Practical Personal Branding Tips #1

So, you want to brand yourself?  Create a brand that’s just who you authentically are? Check out my X-Factor Personal Branding Tips The X-factor Personal Branding Academy  

Love what you do - Do what you love - with your X-factor

The 7 Myths About Purpose And Why They Matter

Scratching your head over this thing called PURPOSE? Sign-up to our next LIVE WEBINAR and discover the 7 Myths About Purpose, with the two amazing founders of FIVE INSTITUTE Nick Hains and Matthew Newnhan. You’ll see why if we buy into these myths it makes it impossible to truly identify your deep and meaningful purpose. Join…

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THe SeXy Factor

6 things that ain’t sexy for your personal brand

Being yourself 100% is super sexy! Trying to be something you are not… just ain’t hot at all. Whether you have realized it or not.  You are a brand.  There is already something that pops up when people in your network think about you.  The question is; are you known for the things you WANT…

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3 Steps Opening for the Sexy Part of Your X-Factor

Hey amazing you Tell me… Ever Wondered… Why are some people considered to be very sexy? Sexy, attractive, super appealing, drawing attention to them… effortlessly (it seems).  I’ve been wondering what do these people have that’s so appealing?  I’ve found 3 common attributes and they are;  Confidence The woman or the man with a strong…

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When We are being SeXy - according to Marcia Martin

People With That SeXy Factor | Interview with Marcia Martin

I’ve Bet You’ve Noticed People That Seem To Effortlessly Shine, People With That SeXy Factor? I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. I desperately want to see more of naturally happy, confident people in this world! Yes, those people that seem to shine effortlessly from the inside out.  They seem to have…

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