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Limitless Abundance

Living limitless with abundance – is it possible?   “All Things that Truly Matter – Beauty, Love, Creativity, Joy, Inner-Peace – Arise from Beyond the Mind”~ Eckhart Toll   FACEBOOK POST TWITTER   PINTEREST ________________________________________ BOOST YOUR HAPPINESS ZONE! Download My FREE 10 Steps to Happiness Zone eGuide & Poster      

Get up off your butt stop being average use your X-factor

3 Tips for Getting Up off Your Butt, Stop Being Average…

… and Using Your Unique X-Factor to the Fullest So here I’ve been, blabbing on and on about being yourself – using your authentic self to build a powerful personal brand that other people like, love, and trust and will definitely buy from (hey, that’s what you want, right? Don’t you want to make a good…

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An X-Factor Success Story to Motivate You

A PERSONAL BRANDING SUCCESS STORY How the key to your success if often right in front of your… tits! So there she was. Looking at me with her big, bright, blue eyes and her mouth wide open, excitedly telling me, “Rúna! OH MY GOD! Oh my…oh my…” After several of these enunciations, I have to admit…

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5 Entrepreneur Success Myths Busted

5 Entrepreneur Success Myths Busted

5 Entrepreneur Success Myths Busted – Do You Know Someone Who Believes Any of These? If you’re anything like…well, most people (smile), you might just have a role model. We all have role models. Most people do, anyway. You probably follow and are inspired by role models to this day – it’s not just something…

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No more boring elevator pitches please

Why I can’t stand elevator pitches

5 Steps to Turn Your Sterile, Boring Elevator Pitch into a Real, Personal Brand Statement that WORKS Raise your hand if you want to get rid of your boring elevator pitch and replace it with an elevator pitch that sizzles and crackles. Really? No hands? Well then… Picture this: you’re mingling in the middle of…

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Looking for success in all the wrong places?

X-Factor Shines On INBOUND 2015

X-Factor: The Key to Success is In Front of Your Tits Rúna Magnúsdóttir a.k.a. Rúna Magnús or simply RÚNA as she was introduced at the INBOUND conference 2015.  _______________________________________________________________ Who is Rúna Magnús?  SHE IS THE INTERNATIONALLY AWARDED LEADERSHIP & PERSONAL BRANDING SPEAKER & STRATEGIST RÚNA MAGNÚS, author of Branding Your X-Factor, is a creative and fast…

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Why the World is Screaming for YOU…the REAL You

Unleashing the “Secret” Behind the Most Successful Leaders, and How You Can Answer Its Scream and Make a Life-Changing Business Out of It You may or may not have consciously noticed. But I am sure it has registered on you in some way. The world is screaming for it. It’s a “tiny” little thing that, at…

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Turning Struggles into Wins

Turning Your Biggest Struggles Into Your Biggest Wins

HOW TO TURN YOUR STRUGGLES INTO YOUR GREATEST WINS So here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. How do you develop more belief in yourself and in your X-factor? How do you stay in the “natural flow” of your vitality – in both your business and your personal life? You see, last week I shared…

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5 Steps to avoid burnout for entrepreneurs

5 Steps for Entrepreneurs to Avoid Total Burnout

5 Powerful Steps You Can Take Right Now If You’re an Entrepreneur Facing a Roadblock Sweaty palms. Your mind is meandering about, picking up a thought here and looking it over before moving onto another thought. You’ve been hard at work forging your startup…your own business…your entrepreneurial dream. But things are tough right now. It’s…

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Building a business you love with your X-factor and natural flow

Using Your Vitality and X-Factor to Build a Business You love

I Used My Vitality and X-Factor to Build a Business I love – And How You Can, Too Those of you who are just now beginning to build your own business – or who would like to – this is for you. This may also for those entrepreneurs and independent business people who would like to…

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