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branding your x factor

The 5 Secret Steps to Branding Your X-Factor | Webinar

Are you letting another year pass still leaving tons of unaccomplished goals and “coulda-shoulda-wouldas” on the table? Are you been telling yourself “I’m so busy” and at the same time you still can’t understand why your business and brand is not where it should be? Kisha Mays the CEO and founder at JUST FEARLESS contacted me few…

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CONSTANCY, CLARITY & CONSISTENCY Having a strong personal brand gives a tremendous benefits.  A strong brand gives you higher fees, possibility to choose your projects, clients and the environment you want to work in.  All strong brands have three things in common, the so called “3 C’s” of branding: Constancy, Clarity and Consistency: COLORS AND…

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What does your “ABOUT US” page say about your uniqueness?

The little things that mean EVERYTHING! Working with people and companies to develop even clearer picture of who they are and what they represent or stand-for, is a process I find so interesting.  I think it’s so interesting that with all the flow of information on the internet, the core thing of marketing i.e. “People…

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Building a website for your brand

Avoid these pitfalls when building your web site

That‘s been my question for some time now.  Like so many other entrepreneurs out there, I‘ve often fallen into the „I have to do it all“ trap.  Sounds familiar to you?  All the little things about running your own business, sales, marketing or taking care of your staff.  One of my traps has been to…

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