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10 Best Blogs To Follow About Personal Branding

‘Your BRAND is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.’ – Jeff Bezos How important is Personal Branding? Every entrepreneur, big or small has to build their own brand. It’s the way to establish yourself in the minds of your customers. But the whole thing is not an easy process – it…

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Inbound 2016 | Personal Branding with Runa Magnusdottir

Who are you?  How do you show up in the world? Are you building a brand that is truly authentically you, or are you allowing other people to build the brand they think you are? I was honoured to be invited to speak for the second time at INBOUND 2016.  This time I decided to…

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When Passion Fades | Facebook LIVE

What do you do, is everything ruined for you? We all know the importance of having a passion for your life, your business or your job.   What do you do when you wake up one day, and you discover your passion is no longer there? Does it destroy your reputation?  Is your personal brand…

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How to Become a High-Powered Female Leader in Your Career!

Want to become a fearless and high-powered female leader in today’s fast-paced society? Well, congratulation! Since it’s immensely necessary for your professional career. Today, it’s not just about adjusting in the male-dominated society; it’s indeed essential for banishing those roadblocks that hinder your success or push you into disillusionment. High-powered female leaders from all walks…

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The Universe Sends Whatever You Need to Experience for Your Wish to be Granted

Awareness with “Space and Things in Space”

Space and Things in Space Marcia Martin, the best-kept secret of the world’s transformational leaders, taught me a huge lesson in her Advanced Power of Speaking – Life & Mastery Seminar which I attended in London last weekend. “There are only two things in this life”, she said: “Space and things in space”. For things…

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Personal Branding with a Dash of Icelandic Humour

If you can read this, you are one step closer to the abundance of success. Seriously, next time you stand in front of a challenge — Ask yourself: “What do I have that is right in front of my tits (face – forehead – nose) that I’m not seeing?” It could be a person you know,…

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5 Steps to Feeling Energised [The Confident You Webinar]

Which of the following statements ring a bell for you? You just find yourself tired, even though you’ve been on a summer holiday. You are wondering if you are really on the right track with your career. You can’t really remember when was the last time you felt alive… sexy Your life seems to be…

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Practical Personal Branding Tips #4

Your X-Factor — the thing that makes you different from your competitors – tips #4 _________________ Not sure how well you know your X-factor today? Get an instant score with my complimentary X-Factor Self-Assessment Sheet  

Practical Personal Branding Tips #3

We are into the next X-Factor Practical Personal Branding Tips… it’s TIPS #3!   Your Happiness Zone – Your Passion     NEXT STEPS TO HAPPINESS: FREE 10 STEPS TO BLISSFUL HAPPINESS GUIDE   THE X-FACTOR PERSONAL BRANDING MEMBERSHIP SITE – CLICK HERE

Practical Personal Branding Tips #2

Thinking about how you can seriously boost your personal brand? Check out my Practical Steps to Personal Branding STEP #1 and watch STEP #2 below.  All part of my X-Factor Personal Branding Online Academy and Membership Site. The X-Factor Personal Branding Academy & Membership Site

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