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There is a gift in every moment | My night at NY Penn Station

MY NIGHT AT NEW YORK PENN STATION WITH THE HOMELESS Where is the gift in this? It was midnight US Eastern time, however my mind and body told me the time was 5 a.m. as I had just landed in … Continue reading

Tell me who you follow, and I will tell you who you are!

  ATL Europe – Founding Members – September 2012 Tell me who you follow, and I will tell you who you are! TWEET THIS A wise words my mother used to say to me as a child.  I thought about … Continue reading

Five tips to get killer results when attending a conference

ATTENDING A CONFERENCE I’m currently, like around 1000 other professional women worldwide, planning my journey to attend the Global Summit of Women this time held in Athens, Greece at the end of May. Attending an international conference is an event … Continue reading

Is Relationship Marketing the Buzz?

People buy from other People like know, like and trust! All your online interaction yesterday, today and tomorrow are and will be part of the image people have on you and your brand. Every single activity you do online is … Continue reading

Are you importing other people’s limitations?

It’s time to decide: Are you a MACRO or MICRO thinker? – TWEET THIS! I’m a sucker for the  TEDxWomen video’s.  Recently I listened to the reporter Gayle Tzemach Lemmon on TEDxWomen where she argues that women running all types … Continue reading

The life outside the box … uuuu do you dare to take a look?

Is there a life outside the box? One of my favorite moments as a professional coach is to help entrepreneurs to think outside-the-box.  Helping them to see their BIG picture. Ohhh … these moments are priceless moments for me personally.   … Continue reading

10 Icelandic Business Women to follow on Twitter

Iceland remains the best place for working women to live, according to an annual report on the global gender gap released by the World Economic Forum, who measures such criteria as the wage gap, the percentage of women in the … Continue reading