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RÚNA MAGNÚS, the author of Branding Your X-Factor, is a creative and fast forward thinking lifetime entrepreneur from Iceland.

Known for her humour and a keen sense of business insight, Rúna is known for helping leaders, entrepreneurs and organisations discover and brand their ‘X-Factor – the assets which make them unique – which she says, is often “right in front of your tits.”

Rúna played a leading role in Iceland’s National Assembly of 2009 where the nation’s leaders collectively worked together to reinvigorate the country following their economic crash. The group tapped into the values and future vision of the island nation and transformed Iceland’s economy by branding their uniqueness, or their X-factor, as Rúna calls it.

Seeing first hand the immediate benefit and long-term results of a whole nation working collectively to discover who they authentically are, the outcome of this single assembly became one of the cornerstones of her successful business branding process.

Rúna has transformed her career and currently dedicates her work to supporting global leaders and their teams to brand their X-Factor to unleash their fullest potential while discovering their natural flow in business and life.


As the European awarded Personal Branding MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, Runa uses her lifetime experience as an entrepreneur, born and raised in Iceland, her  shaken but not stirred  sense of humor with a good dash of passion; to speak, inspire and coach small business owners and their team to discover their X-factor and brand it to the world with confidence and clarity.

Giving them the tools to build a business that’s both profitable and purposeful.


Runa loves to work with high-achievers worldwide…

  • Rediscovering Your Purpose, Passion and Directions in Life
  • Discover and Market Your Personal Brand in the Digital Market Space
  • How to Build a Loyal Tribe and Profit in the Social Media

Standing at a crossroads in life? 

Find out how Rúna & her team can support your personal growth.
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Runa is the creator of the leadership & personal development program “Discover Your X-Factor”  & “Branding Your X-Factor” transformational leadership programs designed for people standing at crossroads in their lives, helping them to discover their unique strengths, and assessments and how to promote their personal brand with confidence and clarity.

The Discover Your X-Factor project was selected as the Best Practice Leadership Project 2013 by the Soroptimist International European Association.

The Discover Your X-Factor is offered as a certified Train-The-Trainer program for leadership and career coaches, facilitators and teachers looking for an empowering program to provide to their clients.



2013 – European Association of Soroptimist  –
            Discover Your X-Factor selected as Best Practice Leadership Project 2013
2011 – EUWIIN Award
 (The European Union Women Innovators & Inventors Network)
for BRANDit, the Personal Branding Program for the established business owner.
2010 – – 
TOP 20 business women to follow on Twitter.
2009-  Recognised as one of 100 leading women in the world
Received the TIAW “World of Difference 100 Awards”
in Toronto Canada.
2009- LIVE on Oprah
– “Living Your Best Life” at The Oprah Show
2007 Received EU WIIN
Special RECOGNITION AWARD in Berlin, Germany 2007



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“I recently had the opportunity of working with the amazing and talented branding expert, Runa Magnus. She is brilliant! She found my “X-Factor”!   With penetrating insight and effortless imagination, she was able to encapsulate my 40 years of experience into a clear, concise and inspirational statement that expressed my heart, and clearly communicated my gifts to the rest of the world. I feel liberated and free to take my business and my brand global.”
Marcia Martin – Thought Leader, Mentor, Entrepreneur

“There are three things you can be sure Rúna will ALWAYS bring to the table in every project or task she’s involved with; 1) The passion which motivates and inspires the people around her  2) Out of the box thinking and solutions to the challenges we face.  And 3) Clear and well thought out actions steps to achieve the desired results. Her branding wisdom, insights, and talents as a leading European Transformational Personal Branding Speaker and Strategist are not only transformative but are also easy to understand to implement. She’ll get you out in the world in a way that is authentic and aligned with who you are and what you stand for.”
Nicholas Haines, CEO & Founder Five Institute

“I reached my ten-year plan in only four months of working with Runa.  Still amazes me”
Hulda Ragnheidur Arnadottir, CEO Icelandic Catastrophe Insurance
“Runa’s expertise on branding was shared with our attendees at the 2012 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards event during our Connect, Grow & Inspire Workshop series. Her message resonated with our attendees and the response to the seminar was phenomenal. If you are looking for a speaker who connects with her audience, look no further than Runa.”
Monica Smiley CEO Enterprising Women, USA
Well I must tell you that Runa spent one day with us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and the Women Entrepreneurs in the city have not been the same since.  In a Think Ginormous, Ultimate, Global Networking Panel had us on our feet, laughing and inspired”.
Techno Granny, JoannePittsburgh USA

“Runa is simply brilliant and one of the most authentic, wonderful people I know. She is a terrific BUSINESS COACH, her presentations are superb and engaging and her strategizing to grow not only her business but help those around her, is amazing. I highly, highly recommend all aspects of Runa’s work.She is making her mark globally.”
Mary Schnack, President, Mary Schnack & Associates
„Runa is one of those persons who always sees the glass half full never half empty.
No wonder Forbes had her on the top 20 list for women to follow on Twitter!”
Ingibjörg Gréta Gísladóttir,  CEO & Founder Reykjavik Runway, Iceland
Watch out for Runa!  She‘s got that extra Wow Factor to become one of the world’s leading motivational trainers, supporting people to unleash their passions and live their fullest potential.”
Janet Bray Attwood author New York Times Bestseller, The Passion Test-The Effortless Path to Living Your Life Purpose, USA
„We have had the privilege to experience Rúna as a teacher and facilitator. With a clear presence, she comes across as passionate and perceptive in her communication.I would recommend Rúna to anyone looking for a powerful facilitator of clarification processes.“
Tora Sefeldt Weltzer, Team Leader, KaosPilots – Business School. Denmark
„If your business needs energy and vision Runa and her Brandit program will take you there.   Three words to describe my experience are: Revitalise – Reorganise and Refresh.“
Sue Lawton Director for Education & Innovation, WEConnect International, UK
“What makes Runa stand out, is not just her insight and grasp of the importance of e-branding, nor merely the fact that she can convey a message in a clear and entertaining manner – it is her ability to combine the two by communicating an important and relevant message in a convincing and entertaining way, which makes her delivery an experience that remains with the listener.”
Klaus M. Pedersen, Manager – Internationalisation – The Malta Chamber of Commerce
“Thanks so very very much your presentation to a public sector audience was very well received people commented on your authenticity realness knowledge but overall your joy in life living and being the person you can be.”
DR Jeremy Monsen Executive Principal Educational Psychologist, London UK


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