Runa takes her “shaken but not stirred” sense of humor very seriously in her relaxed and interactive trainings and speaking engagements.  “Let’s face it” she says “no matter where we place ourselves in the business world, we all need a little kick-in-the-butt once in a while to be reminded to stay focused on the things that matters… the things that will actually move your business from success to satisfaction”

And she admits, with a big grin on her face, that she loves to inspire entrepreneurs to continuously keep them on track, keep the focus on the stuff that will move them and their business forward.

“I believe you already have it all – The question is, are you using your fullest potentials?”


Leadership Training Program

Discover Your X-Factor

Leadership Program  Selected as Best Practice Leadership of the Year 2013 within Soroptimist International Europe. – Click here for more…

Personal Branding Topics

In today’s competitive business environment, personal branding has never been more important. The way we present ourselves, our experiences and aptitudes is integral to career success and gives important message, image to our current and future clients.  When working on your personal brand, you are going on an interesting journey to the core, authentic you. Your personal values, attributes, visions and missions.

  • Discovering their Future Visions, Values & Passions (3 hours)
    – A good leader has a clear vision and inspires others with their passions for their life and work.  In this workshop participants will work on their future visions, and discover what lights their passion in life and work.   A motivational personal development / branding training, giving participants clarity on their visions & passions.
  • Personal Brand Strengths & Attributes (3 hours)
    A transformational workshop where participants get the rare opportunity to discover what other people see as their strengths and attributes.    Looking at questions such as: What are you known for? What do you want to be known for? How do you communicate your personal strengths without feeling cocky?
  • Building Your Personal Reputation (Online & Offline) (2-3 hours)
    The 3 core elements in Personal Branding.  In this workshop participants will create their personal brand strategy and action plan.  A special focus will be given on the do’s and don’ts when building your personal brand in the social media.
  • Building Your Professional Entourage (2 hours)
    - In this workshop participants will learn how to build up a sustainable professional network and turn it into a valuable entourage.

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Every entrepreneur should belong to their very own Mastermind group!

What is a Mastermind group?

 Mastermind groups are everywhere! The popularity of mastermind groups is growing as people, just like you, are finding the success they want through brainstorming with others, creating goals, holding each other accountable, and encouraging a positive mental attitude.

Runa has set up Mastermind groups nationally & internationally, for entrepreneurs,  business owners as well as executives in the corporate world, helping them to create their own support group of other professionals.

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