A Practical 5-Step Action Guide to “Shine from the Inside Out” and Awaken the Self-Confidence Roaring within You

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Isn't it Time You Feel Completely Confident and Sure of Yourself?
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"Isn't it time you started to shine, unapologetically, wholeheartedly and authentically? I believe right now you need to bring all of who you are out with confidence and sexiness. Why sexiness? It's all about allure, drawing people in to feel inspired and turned on. 

Whether in the boardroom or the bedroom we are attracted to people who are comfortable in their skin. We all want to be around people who shine with an irresistible appeal. Runa's wonderful book, Your SeXy Factor, is just what this doctor recommends for unlocking the deliciousness inside of you."

~ Andrea Pennington, MD, C.Ac

Author of The Pennington Plan, and the forthcoming "Orgasm Prescription for Women."


A Free Step-by-Step Guide to Finding a New Confidence and Energy in Rocking Your SeXy Factor!

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It has exercises and challenges in nearly every chapter so you know exactly how to overcome your fears, challenges, and mental obstacles that are suffocating you.

It gives you fresh inspiration and candid advice on how you can achieve a renewed sense of unstoppable self-confidence, energy, and clarity.



It’s written in an always-upbeat, irreverent tone that’ll keep you hooked! 

Yes, you’ll want to talk about it with your friends. Be forewarned: this isn’t a boring piece of literature you might have read in grammar class. Not even close. It’s a fast-paced, action-based manual to immediately get more direction and clarity in your life and business.


It’s loaded with very specific action steps to steer you in the direction of supreme clarity, energy, and confidence. 


"What I love about Your SeXy-Factor is that it is straight up and mature. It's not about looks or bedroom technique but about what's inside, and that is what has the potential to be truly sexy. Runa's done it again! Love this book!" 

~ Thoranna Jonsdottir, Marketing Nerd, bestselling author Marketing-Untangled

What’s Inside Your SeXy Factor?

  • 37 pages of easy to read, fun, and actionable content that’ll give you a “booster shot” of confidence and self-assurance, right now. I promise.

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  • 12+ carefully created action steps to help you discover your “SeXy Factor” that makes you more confident, more calm, and more certain that you’ll overcome the challenges ahead. 
  • Exercises and challenges to help push you to your limit and overcome your fears — whatever they might be.

  100% free eGuide

Who Should Read This?

  • Any professional, driven people who needs extra self-confidence, clarity, and direction — that’s the kind of stuff that makes you super sexy and shine from the inside out ;-)

“I’m still amazed. Having Runa as my Personal Branding Coach and Strategist I reached my BIG 10 year vision including my ambitious dreams and goals, in literally only 4 months.” 


~ Hulda Ragnheidur
CEO of Iceland Catastrophe Insurance

~ Mary Schnack 

President, Mary Schnack & Associates

“Runa is simply brilliant and one of the most authentic, wonderful people I know. She is a terrific business coach, her presentations are superb and engaging and her strategizing to grow not only her business, but help those around her, is amazing. I highly, highly recommend all aspects of Runa’s work. She is making her mark globally.” 

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