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The Brand Called Iceland and Personal Branding

How Re-Branding Iceland Transformed My Career

How I Discovered My Branding Through Iceland Collapse Join Up Dots Podcast with David Ralph · 60 minutes I think this is the first time in an interview where I’m asked: “When did your tits come into place?” well the amazing David Ralph at Join Up Dots did …and I just had to tell him the whole…

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The Person Behind the Brand

I will always be grateful to my friend who years ago, looked deep into my eyes and said: “Runa, whom are you kidding –  YOU are CONNECTED WOMEN!”   It might sound a bit stupid right now, as yes, today, I’m a huge advocate for personal branding and the fact that people do connect and…

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Powerful Female Personal Brand | Ali Brown

Is the 2012 is the year of WOMEN? I’ve got to admit, I do get specially excited when I see women becoming hugely successful. One of the women I’ve been watching is Ali Brown who is making a pretty good case for how WOMEN are beginning to dominate the entrepreneurial world.   She should know herself…

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Personal Branding & Believing in Your Personal Brand

BRANDit Interviewing Women Entrepreneurs Last week I had the opportunity to travel in my native country, Iceland with my business partner at BRANDit, Bjarney Ludviksdottir. The purpose of our trip was to visit number of women entrepreneurs in the country, connect with them,  find out what their future visions were, what they were doing to…

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PERSONAL BRANDING – YOUR EXPERTISE Do You Know Your Expertise? There are so many uniquely talented people out there who unfortunately are completely underestimating themselves!  They have a unique expertise that would be useful to many, but they don’t really acknowledge it or seriously consider sharing it with others. Face it – You are an…

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Living By Your Values It’s hard to live by your values if you don’t know what they are! Right? Finding your values and clarifying them is one of the first steps towards true self-awareness, and true self-awareness will give you stronger self-image.  Stronger self-image plays an important role to give you the clarity on who…

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Personal Branding and Your Voice Mail

YOUR VOICE MAIL MESSAGE Personal branding is about you, your uniqueness, your values, missions, passions and how you communicate your brand to the world.  Everything we do, say, act becomes our brand, including your very own phone voice mail message. In my last blog, I talked about your email behavior and your personal brand.  Today…

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Personal Branding & Your E-Mail Behavior

HOW YOUR E-MAIL BEHAVIOR IS BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND Your personal brand is about the feeling you leave behind, or as Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon said so memorably: “Your Brand is What People Say About You When You’re Not in the Room”. In today’s daily email connections, chances are you are receiving and sending out…

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