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You-B-You | Personal Branding | Creating Your Brand Character

Wondering how you can create the character behind your brand in an authentic brilliant way?  Well, check out this interview I did with the Personal Branding Strategist from Georgia USA, Walter Akana.  In this Personal Branding Podcast Walter talks about … Continue reading

Shape Your Own World | Rule #3 of 6 | You Are Your Future Designer

“Everything you do, or don’t do today, say… or don’t say today will be your reputation tomorrow!” ~ Runa Magnus If there was no yesterday, what would you be doing today? If you had no experience from the past, how … Continue reading


PERSONAL BRANDING 2.0 LIVE WEBINAR How do you create the right energy around your personal brand and pick the colors that connects with your brand? Topic: Creating the Energy Around Your Personal Brand -with one of Europe’s Leading Transformational Leader Marie … Continue reading

The Person Behind the Brand

I will always be grateful to my friend who years ago, looked deep into my eyes and said: “Runa, whom are you kidding -  YOU are CONNECTED WOMEN!”   It might sound a bit stupid right now, as yes, today, … Continue reading


PERSONAL BRANDING – YOUR EXPERTISE Do You Know Your Expertise? There are so many uniquely talented people out there who unfortunately are completely underestimating themselves!  They have a unique expertise that would be useful to many, but they don’t really … Continue reading


SHOWING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND ATTRIBUTE IN YOUR EMAIL GREETINGS There are so many interesting parts in personal branding, it’s all about showing your uniqueness.  It’s about being consistent in everything you do…it’s about the feeling you leave behind in people’s … Continue reading

Personal Branding and Your Voice Mail

YOUR VOICE MAIL MESSAGE Personal branding is about you, your uniqueness, your values, missions, passions and how you communicate your brand to the world.  Everything we do, say, act becomes our brand, including your very own phone voice mail message. … Continue reading