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The Universe Sends Whatever You Need to Experience for Your Wish to be Granted

Awareness with “Space and Things in Space”

Space and Things in Space Marcia Martin, the best-kept secret of the world’s transformational leaders, taught me a huge lesson in her Advanced Power of Speaking – Life & Mastery Seminar which I attended in London last weekend. “There are only two things in this life”, she said: “Space and things in space”. For things…

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Five tips to get killer results when attending a conference

ATTENDING A CONFERENCE I’m currently, like around 1000 other professional women worldwide, planning my journey to attend the Global Summit of Women this time held in Athens, Greece at the end of May. Attending an international conference is an event which I feel is vitally important to prepare to the fullest, in order to get…

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Are you importing other people’s limitations?

It’s time to decide: Are you a MACRO or MICRO thinker? – TWEET THIS! I’m a sucker for the  TEDxWomen video’s.  Recently I listened to the reporter Gayle Tzemach Lemmon on TEDxWomen where she argues that women running all types of firms, from home businesses to major factories, are the overlooked key to economic development. …

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