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Happiness Quotes

How to be in the Happiness Zone …

How to be in the Happiness Zone Even Though Many People Aren’t Being in the “Happiness Zone” is something I’ve thought about recently and wanted to share my thoughts with you on it. How is it that some people seem to always be in the “Happiness Zone,” while others find it remarkably hard to get…

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PERSONAL BRANDING 2.0 LIVE WEBINAR Are you working in the corporate world, wondering what Personal Branding could do for you? Topic: How to Build Your Personal Brand within the Corporate World -with Portugal leading Personal Branding Strategist, Nelson Emilio

Success Online Boot-Camp | Clarity with Runa Magnus

When you have a clear Future Vision, know your Passion and an  Action Plan  you’ve got SUCCESS right from the heart! Hello fellow entrepreneur, Tell me;  do you often feel like you don‘t really know where you are heading?  Asking yourself: “What am I going to do next in my business?” or “How long can I continue this…

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The Secret to Reach Your Goals 2013

I’m guessing you’ve already downloaded my little book of “Your Future Visions & Goals 2013”?   printed it out, sat down and wrote down what you want your ideal year 2013 to look like, with as many details as you possibly could.  If you did, you are on your way to create your ultimate dream year, if…

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The Steps From Chaos To Clarity

The Power of Clarity The difference between being clear and having things in chaos is almost indescribable!  Or it is at least for me, and so far I have not met a person who would not welcome more clarity and focus in their lives. Last week-end we gave our personal branding program BRANDit to business…

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Do you love your job?

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.  ~Steve Job It saddens me when I see people stuck in their lives, spending day after day going to work waiting for the day to be over, so that they can start to do the “FUN” things afterwards. I’ve got a question for…

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