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Branding Your X Factor - Book Logo

Branding Your X-Factor | Authenticity

The World is Screaming for Authenticity Small businesses that are showing their authentic value with purpose and passion today are going to be leading the way in the business world tomorrow. Elaine Starling the CEO & Founder of Starling Media Interviewed me the other day.  She wanted to know more about how personal branding and…

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President Obama just called me

President Obama Just Called Me!

President Obama Just Called Me and Asked If I could Help his team out to discover and brand their X-factor. Oh well, I’m kidding about that part, he really didn’t. I wrote this statement down after a friend of mine said to me: “Runa, it would not surprise me if the President Obama would call…

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You-B-You | Personal Branding | Creating Your Brand Character

Wondering how you can create the character behind your brand in an authentic brilliant way?  Well, check out this interview I did with the Personal Branding Strategist from Georgia USA, Walter Akana.  In this Personal Branding Podcast Walter talks about the ways to figure out your authentic brand and how he figured out his own…

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Personal Branding Productivity Sheet | The New Thing in Town

“People might forget what you said or what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel!” ~ Maya Angelou I just love this inspirational quote from the one and only Maya Angelou, it just speaks my language when I say your brand is really about the feeling you give to other…

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Creating a World of Positive & Proactive People

Success Personal Branding Membership Club | Personal Branding

Introducing : My Private Personal Branding Membership Platform is Dedicated to Keep Heart-Based High Achievers Motivated and On Task to Build a Strong Authentic Personal Brands. SIGN-UP FOR 3 DIFFERENT CLUB LEVELS! _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________ ONLINE PERSONAL BRANDING TRAINING SESSIONS JANUARY – MARCH 2014 LIVE Access included in HAPPIER Membership Club Both LIVE & Recordings Included in…

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Discover Your X-Factor Program & Dr. Andrea Pennington | Personal Branding

I’m super excited… no… wait… I think I’m even a bit more than that! My “Discover Your X-Factor” Leadership & Personal Branding Program is spreading it’s wings… Tomorrow morning it’s Monaco! Yes, I will deliver my Discover Your X-Factor Program LIVE via the Internet tomorrow morning at the University of Monaco, as part of a…

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PersonalBranding 2.0 Webinar

Increase the Value of Your Personal Brand through a New Way of Networking | LIVE Webinar

PERSONAL BRANDING 2.0 RECORDED WEBINAR Topic: Increase the Value of Your Personal Brand through a New Way of Networking Discover how to Turn Your Today’s Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections Supporting Your Personal & Business Growth with the author & leadership expert Leslie Grossman from USA – FREE PERSONAL BRANDING 2.0 WEBINAR Hosted by:…

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The first 4 baby-steps to turn your life into a glass overflown

The Beauty & Pain of Being an Entrepreneur I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my adult life.    I can barely remember the times when I received a pay check at the end of the month, signed by someone else than myself! I’ve founded my own companies, I’ve sold them and founded new ones.   I’ve…

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Personal Branding & Believing in Your Personal Brand

BRANDit Interviewing Women Entrepreneurs Last week I had the opportunity to travel in my native country, Iceland with my business partner at BRANDit, Bjarney Ludviksdottir. The purpose of our trip was to visit number of women entrepreneurs in the country, connect with them,  find out what their future visions were, what they were doing to…

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You’ve Got 60 Seconds…Tell Me Who You Are! “People don’t care what you do – people care who you are.” You are unique, what makes you different from all the others?   We all have strong-suits… abilities… strengths…qualities… knowledge, how do you deliver yours? People connect with other people!  People do business with other people…

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