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Female Leadership beyond the Barriers

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”  – Madeleine Albright   We are in the age of new innovation and discovering digital technologies wherein people are anticipating and welcoming changes but still women as leaders are slowly progressing on their quest for recognition in the male-valued dominated business…

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Practical Personal Branding Tips #4

Your X-Factor — the thing that makes you different from your competitors – tips #4 _________________ Not sure how well you know your X-factor today? Get an instant score with my complimentary X-Factor Self-Assessment Sheet  

Do we all have that sexy factor?

Your Roadmap to Showing Off Your Sexy Factor

Hey Superstar, Here’s Your Roadmap to Showing Off Your Sexy Factor Let me tell you something. This is going to be important, so here goes. You won’t go far without a plan. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your dream is. This is a universal law that does not prejudice – and that…

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Key to Success

The Secret To Success Is Right In Front …

… of your tits! You might be smiling, hey even laughing right now. The purpose of this header is however not meant to be a joke. This sentence is meant to give you a phrase that you can say to yourself whenever you feel you are „missing something“. WHAT DO I MEAN? Let me explain…

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The Personal Branding Trends for 2015

REDICTING THE TRENDS FOR BRANDING YOURSELF IN 2015 – Making’it in the Marketplace – As The Motivational Personal Branding Speaker & Strategist, working with entrepreneurs and “wanna-be-entrepreneurs” worldwide, I see a certain trends emerging in the market place. TRENDSETTING OF BRANDING YOURSELF  IN 2015 and why knowing and branding your x-factor is the key. I believe,…

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Yes to success yourself


BRANDING YOUR X FACTOR Branding your x Factor #2 – What would it mean for you to know your X-factor? from Runa Magnusdottir on Vimeo. ARE YOU A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER?   NEED INSPIRATIONAL TIPS TO BUILD YOUR BRAND? NEXT STEPS GET YOUR COPY ON…   The whole reason why I wrote this book, was to…

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cool brands

7 Steps to Create Your Personal Brand Magazine

Build Your Brand in 2015 in a Cool & Authentic Way If you are not sure if Personal Branding will be  hip&cool in 2015 check is post out and this one on both predicting the trends for self promotion, self branding in 2015 THE 7 STEPS TO PREPARE YOURSELF WHEN CREATING YOUR VERY OWN ONLINE…

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Building Your X-factor on LinkedIn

10 Best Blogs to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND ON LINKEDIN IS DEFIANTLY A “MUST” TO DO …if you ask me! :-) In my  speking and training’s I often say:“Your LINKEDIN profile is your shopping window, your display, make it real easy for people to see who you are, and what you are all about” I get frequently questions around building…

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Branding Your X Factor - Book Logo

Branding Your X-Factor | Authenticity

The World is Screaming for Authenticity Small businesses that are showing their authentic value with purpose and passion today are going to be leading the way in the business world tomorrow. Elaine Starling the CEO & Founder of Starling Media Interviewed me the other day.  She wanted to know more about how personal branding and…

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President Obama just called me

President Obama Just Called Me!

President Obama Just Called Me and Asked If I could Help his team out to discover and brand their X-factor. Oh well, I’m kidding about that part, he really didn’t. I wrote this statement down after a friend of mine said to me: “Runa, it would not surprise me if the President Obama would call…

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