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5 Steps to Turn Your Mistakes into Your Wins in 2016

5 Steps to Your Personal Brand Success Roadmap for 2016

Turning Your Biggest Mistakes into Your Biggest Wins in 2016 Yes — it’s that time again! The time when this year is drawing to a final close and the new year is waiting for you just beyond the next bend in the road. Which means it’s the perfect time to reflect and rejoice — time…

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Darren Hardy, a character in the new episode of the Mad Men?

Is Darren Hardy actually the character Ken (husband of Barbie) in the new episode of the TV show Mad Men? If you’ve been following me, online or offline I’m pretty sure you’ve heard me talk about things like: “The First 7 Seconds” or “Be Authentic” or “Walk Your Talk.” Anyway, last weekend I was with…

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Think Building a Brand is Not Something You Need to Think about?

4 Businesses that Proudly Show Off Their X-Factor

4 Inspiring Examples of Businesses that Proudly Show Off Their X-Factor The cold, hard truth: it’s not enough just to KNOW your X-factor. No – you’ve got to WORK your X-factor into your brand until it effortlessly, naturally flows out of everything your business does and says. Quite naturally, tone and character go a long…

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X-Factor Self-Assessment

How well do you know yourself, your X-factor?

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” ~Swami Vivekananda How well do you know your X-factor?   That special secret spot of yours that ONLY YOU have!?  I’ve been teaching, coaching thousands of people worldwide.  Helping…

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Turning Your Dream Into a Reality | Elevate 2015

Hey there! I’m preparing for the amazing ELEVATE 2015 Conference, the biggest life and business transformational conference in Scandinavia.   I was one of their speakers last year, and this year, I’m bringing my BRAT PACK partners at Make Your Mark Global with me. In this post, I especially want to cover Judymay Murthy, one…

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Why Aren’t We Awesomer? Claiming Back Your Happiness

  Why Aren’t We Awesomer? Great insights from Michael Neill  Michael Neill will be one of the speakers at ELEVATE 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark November 13th-15th 2015. I’m excited to watch Michael LIVE on stage at ELEVATE – just watching him in this TEDx Talk makes me excited to learn more from him.  I mean…

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Mystifying your x factor

Your X-Factor Meets Your Sexy Factor

Demystifying the Sexy Part of Your X-Factor Look at you. The real you. The one who has all these dreams that light up the sky. The one who is determined to change the world and make it a better place. Yes. You. Have I captured your attention now? Good – because here you’ll see me…

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Saying No to boring businesses and lame business owners

Why I want to eliminate boring businesses and lame business owners Can anyone tell me why we don’t see more of fun and inspiring businesses out there? I mean, businesses that dare to be different. Business brands that show us that instant character, voice, feeling of purpose. Business brands that you love to watch. Business…

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The Power in Your Sexy X-Factor | Your Personal Brand

How You Can Learn the Secret of Making Magic with Your Very Own “Sexy Factor” There I am. I’m in the middle of hustling, bustling, buzzing airport, sitting at this ginormous lounge. I travel a lot, so this airport can be just about anywhere and this would still be a true story. Anyway…there I am,…

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5 + 2 Proven Ways to Market Your Brand

There Are More Than 5 Ways to Market Your Brand. Which One Will You Choose? How’s business been? Are you making as much as you would like? Is it growing? No? Yes? Maybe? Hardly? Regardless of your answer, there is one thing your brand needs if it’s going to captivate the imagination of people and…

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