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Your Powerful Mind-Set | Personal Branding

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right!” ~ Henry Ford Hey people!  I’ve got a quick question. Tell me…do you think we (meaning people on this planet earth) are using to the fullest the … Continue reading

Discover Your X-Factor Program & Dr. Andrea Pennington | Personal Branding

I’m super excited… no… wait… I think I’m even a bit more than that! My “Discover Your X-Factor” Leadership & Personal Branding Program is spreading it’s wings… Tomorrow morning it’s Monaco! Yes, I will deliver my Discover Your X-Factor Program … Continue reading

Personal Development on a Page | Successful Strategy

Here’s to Your Abundance & Successful 2014! Ready to create new adventures, avenues abundance in the 2014?   Download your FREE Personal Brand Strategy on a Page.  CLICK HERE! A specially designed concept for solo-entrepreneurs such as; coaches, speakers, seminar … Continue reading

From Chaos to Clarity with Personal Branding

Seeing the forest for the trees I just realized one of the most important puzzle in the personal development game. The puzzle is such simple thing and yet, such a core thing for every single person on this planet. This … Continue reading


PERSONAL BRANDING 2.0 LIVE WEBINAR How do you create the right energy around your personal brand and pick the colors that connects with your brand? Topic: Creating the Energy Around Your Personal Brand -with one of Europe’s Leading Transformational Leader Marie … Continue reading


PERSONAL BRANDING Topic: Achieving Your Career Goals with Personal Branding Discover: How Your Resume or Bio could be Killing Your Career! -with Japan’s leading Personal Branding Expert, Peter Sterlacci.   PART OF THE PERSONAL BRANDING 2.0 WEBINAR SERIES Hosted by: Rúna Magnús

Yes, let’s figure out where you suck… | Personal Development

If you want to know where you suck and how to work on your weakness, leave this page right this moment! However, if you are a person who wants to be known as being more as an exceptional professional rather … Continue reading

Living a Life with Purpose | Personal Development

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” ~ Aristotle I do agree with Aristole.  Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life,  having a purpose is such an important thing, having … Continue reading

Best Practice Project 2013 – Discover Your X-Factor

Leadership Program Discover Your X -Factor selected as Best Practice Project of the Year 2013 by Soroptimist International of Europe. “Discover Your X-Factor” is a leadership program designed by Runa Magnus, an international leadership & personal branding coach & consultant, for people standing on … Continue reading

Branding Your Solo-Entrepreneur Business | Personal Branding Home Study

ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR BUILDING UP YOUR BUSINESS? READY TO DISCOVER THE SECRETS HOW TO BUILD  UP AN OUTSTANDING BRAND IN YOUR INDUSTRY? Hello dear fellow entrepreneur! Do you get all excited within yourself when you think about all the … Continue reading