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Impact Leadership 21 | Conversation with Men | UN HQ

IMPACT LEADERSHIP 21 – SUMMIT – NEW YORK CITY FEBRUARY 26th 2014 Last week I was invited to attend and speak at an amazing event called “Impact Leadership 21 – Conversation with Men” where over 250 men and women from different parts of the world came together at the United Nations Headquarters to discuss and share…

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Personal Branding Productivity Sheet | The New Thing in Town

“People might forget what you said or what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel!” ~ Maya Angelou I just love this inspirational quote from the one and only Maya Angelou, it just speaks my language when I say your brand is really about the feeling you give to other…

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20 Cool Icelandic Inspirational Quotes, Tips & Tools

No matter where I travel, where I go, when people learn I’m from Iceland their face light up, and most often they say: “NOOOOO WAYYYY” followed by “I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO ICELAND”… I’m very proud of being Icelandic, and not to mention being a woman from Iceland, representing my country and the feminine…

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[Podcast] Turn Your Network Into a Valuable Entourage

Making your network your own entourage? Can’t stand to attend one more networking event?  Do you just hate doing them, or not really seeing the purpose? Check out this interview Runa Magnus did with Leslie Grossman the author of the book LINK-OUT where Leslie talks about how to turn your current network into your valuable…

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5 Core Steps To Design Your Ideal 2014 | Personal Branding

Keep It Simple Stupid… (KISS) Check out my 5 simple and easy to implement steps to design your ideal year 2014. It really isn’t any rocket science to be the designer of your own lives.  Like with everything else in this beautiful world of ours, the best, most productive and satisfying way to set your…

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Yes, let’s figure out where you suck… | Personal Development

If you want to know where you suck and how to work on your weakness, leave this page right this moment! However, if you are a person who wants to be known as being more as an exceptional professional rather than just an “adequate” person but for some reason you are hung up on the…

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Having Fun Building My Entourage in USA | Runa Magnus

It’s a beginning of a beautiful friendship… I’m back home to Iceland after my profound 2 weeks trip touring USA this spring.  It’s time to reflect on what did I learn? What did I take away from my tour? Iceland – Washington DC – Pittsburgh – Atlanta – Miami – Ft. Lauderdale – Boston –…

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Five tips to get killer results when attending a conference

ATTENDING A CONFERENCE I’m currently, like around 1000 other professional women worldwide, planning my journey to attend the Global Summit of Women this time held in Athens, Greece at the end of May. Attending an international conference is an event which I feel is vitally important to prepare to the fullest, in order to get…

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