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You-B-You | Personal Branding | Creating Your Brand Character

Wondering how you can create the character behind your brand in an authentic brilliant way?  Well, check out this interview I did with the Personal Branding Strategist from Georgia USA, Walter Akana.  In this Personal Branding Podcast Walter talks about the ways to figure out your authentic brand and how he figured out his own…

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Shape Your Own World | Rule #4 of 6 | Believing You Can

It was the amazing entrepreneur Henry Ford who said: “Whether You Think You Can or Can’t You Are Right” Believing you can accomplish, achieve your grandest dream is for sure one of the core elements when shaping your own world. When we understand how we as individuals are indeed most often holding our-self back, simply…

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Be True to Yourself | Become the leader in your life

Become the leader in your life #1 – Be True To Yourself!                                 photo credit: via photopin cc Be totally honest with yourself about who you are, where you are going, what you want, what you will do to get there. It means:…

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5 Tips To Create Fearless Success for Women

FREE Report Create Your Fearless Success Reaching Your Greatest Potential “If we knew we could not fail, what would we do differently?”  A question I heard once from the one and only Antony Robbins.  A great question to ask yourself when standing on a cross-road. Tony also says: “Unfortunately, we’re programmed to fear this thing…

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Personal Branding & Believing in Your Personal Brand

BRANDit Interviewing Women Entrepreneurs Last week I had the opportunity to travel in my native country, Iceland with my business partner at BRANDit, Bjarney Ludviksdottir. The purpose of our trip was to visit number of women entrepreneurs in the country, connect with them,  find out what their future visions were, what they were doing to…

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PERSONAL BRANDING – YOUR EXPERTISE Do You Know Your Expertise? There are so many uniquely talented people out there who unfortunately are completely underestimating themselves!  They have a unique expertise that would be useful to many, but they don’t really acknowledge it or seriously consider sharing it with others. Face it – You are an…

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Key to Success


You’ve Got 60 Seconds…Tell Me Who You Are! “People don’t care what you do – people care who you are.” You are unique, what makes you different from all the others?   We all have strong-suits… abilities… strengths…qualities… knowledge, how do you deliver yours? People connect with other people!  People do business with other people…

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Living By Your Values It’s hard to live by your values if you don’t know what they are! Right? Finding your values and clarifying them is one of the first steps towards true self-awareness, and true self-awareness will give you stronger self-image.  Stronger self-image plays an important role to give you the clarity on who…

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Personal Branding & Your Business Card

SHOW YOUR BRAND ATTRIBUTES IN YOUR BUSINESS CARD I’ve got a little secret to share with you!  If you ever thought your business card was just  a small piece of paper with your professional contact information, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity to promote your brand. It’s easy to fall into the trap…

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Boys are smarter than girls! | Gender Equality

“RUNA, BOYS ARE MORE INTELLIGENT THAN GIRLS!” I could not believe my ears when I heard that statement from my 18-year-old cousin the other day.  My first thought was: “OMG… after all the work, talk, blood sweat and tears to create the changes towards equal gender equality in the world including my country (Iceland) do…

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