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Promote Your Strengths | Personal Branding Quotes

Promote Your Strengths! Remind the world why you are special and why it is special to do business with you! ~ Mary Schnack – Tweet this!    

The Person Behind the Brand

I will always be grateful to my friend who years ago, looked deep into my eyes and said: “Runa, whom are you kidding –  YOU are CONNECTED WOMEN!”   It might sound a bit stupid right now, as yes, today, I’m a huge advocate for personal branding and the fact that people do connect and…

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Five tips to get killer results when attending a conference

ATTENDING A CONFERENCE I’m currently, like around 1000 other professional women worldwide, planning my journey to attend the Global Summit of Women this time held in Athens, Greece at the end of May. Attending an international conference is an event which I feel is vitally important to prepare to the fullest, in order to get…

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Building a website for your brand

Avoid these pitfalls when building your web site

That‘s been my question for some time now.  Like so many other entrepreneurs out there, I‘ve often fallen into the „I have to do it all“ trap.  Sounds familiar to you?  All the little things about running your own business, sales, marketing or taking care of your staff.  One of my traps has been to…

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