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The Icelandic Business World Prepares for 2013 Gender Quota

All Companies With More Than 50 Employees Should Have at Least 40% of Both Gender Represented on Their Boards. In March 2010 a law passed in Iceland that requires Icelandic companies with more than 50 employees to have at least 40% of both gender represented on their boards by September 2013. Is gender quota really…

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Are you importing other people’s limitations?

It’s time to decide: Are you a MACRO or MICRO thinker? – TWEET THIS! I’m a sucker for the  TEDxWomen video’s.  Recently I listened to the reporter Gayle Tzemach Lemmon on TEDxWomen where she argues that women running all types of firms, from home businesses to major factories, are the overlooked key to economic development. …

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The life outside the box … uuuu do you dare to take a look?

Is there a life outside the box? One of my favorite moments as a professional coach is to help entrepreneurs to think outside-the-box.  Helping them to see their BIG picture. Ohhh … these moments are priceless moments for me personally.   Just by looking at my clients reactions, their expressions, seeing their energy level soar, I…

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Attending a Conference Best Practices

Once a girl-scout, always a girl-scout! Be prepared! Yes, I was a girl-scout, and I loved it!  I loved the camping part of it, I loved the part where I learned First Help, how to tie a knot or two not to mention the “How to prepare for a camping trip 101“.  I think of…

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