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The Icelandic Business World Prepares for 2013 Gender Quota

All Companies With More Than 50 Employees Should Have at Least 40% of Both Gender Represented on Their Boards. In March 2010 a law passed in Iceland that requires Icelandic companies with more than 50 employees to have at least … Continue reading

Are you importing other people’s limitations?

It’s time to decide: Are you a MACRO or MICRO thinker? – TWEET THIS! I’m a sucker for the  TEDxWomen video’s.  Recently I listened to the reporter Gayle Tzemach Lemmon on TEDxWomen where she argues that women running all types … Continue reading

The life outside the box … uuuu do you dare to take a look?

Is there a life outside the box? One of my favorite moments as a professional coach is to help entrepreneurs to think outside-the-box.  Helping them to see their BIG picture. Ohhh … these moments are priceless moments for me personally.   … Continue reading

Attending a Conference 101

Once a girl-scout, always a girl-scout! Be prepared! Yes, I was a girl-scout, and I loved it!  I loved the camping part of it, I loved the part where I learned First Help, how to tie a knot or two … Continue reading