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Women in Leadership Role | Tips & Tools Podcast

Listen to Runa Magnus interview Thordis Loa Thorhallsdottir, the president of FKA (The Icelandic Association of Women Business Leaders) business entrepreneur and international investor in this special “I Know How She Does It” inspiring interviews, dedicated to point out tips & tools to increase feminine leadership in the world. Click here to subscribe to my…

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Be Empowered to Live & Build Fearlessly | Connected-Women BLOG

WOMEN WINNING WORLDWIDE HOW WOMEN ARE CREATING MASSIVE SUCCESS IN THE BUSINESS WORLD BY RUNA MAGNUS Your Name:      Kisha Mays Your Company Name: Just Fearless Inc. Web site: and Country: USA Year you started your business:  2007 Your or Your Business tag-line: “Be Empowered to Live & Build Fearlessly” What was the main…

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Eat Well, Live Well with Kellee Ganci | Connected-Women BLOG

WOMEN WINNING WORLDWIDE HOW WOMEN ARE CREATING MASSIVE SUCCESS IN THE BUSINESS WORLD BY RUNA MAGNUS Name: Kellee Ganci Fabulous Women over 40 Web site: Blog: Country:Canada Year you started your business: 2008 Your or Your Business tag-line: Eat Well Live Well/Holding The Key What was the main trigger that got you into your business?…

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Personal Branding & Believing in Your Personal Brand

BRANDit Interviewing Women Entrepreneurs Last week I had the opportunity to travel in my native country, Iceland with my business partner at BRANDit, Bjarney Ludviksdottir. The purpose of our trip was to visit number of women entrepreneurs in the country, connect with them,  find out what their future visions were, what they were doing to…

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Personal Branding & Your E-Mail Behavior

HOW YOUR E-MAIL BEHAVIOR IS BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND Your personal brand is about the feeling you leave behind, or as Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon said so memorably: “Your Brand is What People Say About You When You’re Not in the Room”. In today’s daily email connections, chances are you are receiving and sending out…

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Personal Branding with Runa Magnus

Boys are smarter than girls! | Gender Equality

“RUNA, BOYS ARE MORE INTELLIGENT THAN GIRLS!” I could not believe my ears when I heard that statement from my 18-year-old cousin  the other day.  My first thought was: “OMG… after all the work, talk, blood sweat and tears to create the changes towards equal gender equality in the world including my country (Iceland) do…

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Communicating Your Brand

When you Show Your Uniqueness.. … when you know your passions, visions, missions, and can pitch your personal brand statement with confidence and style, that’s when people around you start to pay close attention to who you are and what you and your brand represent! That’s why we created BRANDit – the personal branding program,…

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10 Icelandic Business Women to follow on Twitter

Iceland remains the best place for working women to live, according to an annual report on the global gender gap released by the World Economic Forum, who measures such criteria as the wage gap, the percentage of women in the workforce, and the percentage of women who pursue higher education.  Iceland ranked in first place,…

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