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Greetings from Iceland, and welcome to my virtual home, my personal brand website.  

I’m Rúna Magnús [dóttir] the CEO & Founder of The X-Factor Digital Marketing Machine TM, I’m a lifetime entrepreneur, a published author, international personal branding speaker and strategist.

You’ve just landed on my personal web page where I share my thoughts, insights, tools, tips, and stories on topics related to topics I’m passionate about, meaning:

  • Personal Branding (how to discover your personal brand)
  • Digital Marketing (how to market yourself in the digital world)
  • The New Paradigm in Leadership Style
  • Empowering Your Human Resources
  • Gender Economy & Diversity

I consider myself to be a very fortunate woman, living in exciting times. WHY do I consider myself to be a fortunate woman? 

Well, here are a few reasons why;

  1. I’m Icelandic (that is quite a benefit as a women business leader)
  2. I get to work on the things that make my heart sing, helping my clients to have fun working on their passion and purpose.
  3. My clients are international leaders (political, business and even team leaders from large and small businesses), people who are open to being the change they want to see in their world, whether it’s their personal or professional life.
  4. I get to travel the world, working with my clients. Helping them to build their personal brand and inspire, motivate and empower their employees or their teams to work better as a team, have more fun, building a company culture they and their clients love. — I JUST LOVE THAT BIT!
  5. I’m surrounded by the best of the best (and that is not just in my opinion) international people in the personal development and transformational field. A network of people whom I can reach out to, learn from and get valuable advice from. — PRICELESS
  6.  I’m a proud mother of two children (now grown-ups) and have a beautiful and supportive life partner


Feel free to surf my web page – I hope you find something of true value for you and your team.

In case you’ve got questions or would like to connect with me personally to take a closer look at my personal branding and digital marketing packages, please don’t hesitate to contact me here!




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