Chris Attwood NY Times Bestseller Author Passion Test

Chris Attwood

Co-author of the NY times bestsellers, "The Passion Test - The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny" and "Your Hidden Riches - Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose."

Created "Alliance Secrets," the program Rhonda Byrne, Executive Producer of "The Secret" enrolled in when she was in pre-production for her movie.

CEO The Beyul Club

The Beyul is designed for individuals and families who are professionally successful, socially conscious, financially independent, and committed to the experience and expression of higher states of consciousness. The Club's purpose is to connect heaven with earth, providing models of what is possible while catalyzing members' social impact projects to hasten the pace of global awakening.

Gina Lazenby The Change Maker Global Advisory Board

Gina Lazenby

Speaker, Author, Teacher, Mentor, Women’s Advocate, Health Pioneer

Gina Lazenby is the co-Founder of 100 Women of Spirit, an initiative developed to honour Dadi Janki, the centenarian leader of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. The group brings together the dynamism and vision of young women with the learning and insight of older women.

She is a Founder Member of the Network for Transformational Leaders and sits on their Steering Committee; is an International Board Member of Leading Women of Africa and has been nominated by members of the public as one of the UK's Leading Evolutionaries.

A thought leader in Feminine Leadership, Gina Lazenby has edited and hosted a weekly radio show on The Rise of the Feminine. She is is passionate about gender work that brings men and women together and honours their separate and different contributions, and is now collating research for her next book: “The New Masculine”.

Gina owns the Healthy Home a unique retreat space and model for healthy living in her native Yorkshire.

Marcia Martin.jpg

Marcia Martin

the Co-Creator of The Network for Transformational Leaders, is renowned as one of the most effective transformational leadership trainers and executive coaches in the world.

She was an original pioneer of the Human Potential Movement, is a sought after corporate trainer and motivational speaker, and was instrumental in helping to build some of the most influential personal development organizations of our time, including est (Erhard Seminars Training, now known as the Landmark Forum), LifeSpring, Tony Robbins Research, Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success Programs, The Hoffman Process, and the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC).

She has personally trained over 350,000 individuals, and thousands of Fortune 1000 Corporate Teams and Executives to be more powerful and competent in transformational leadership, communication, public speaking, and peak performance. Marcia is an acknowledged expert in human potential, paradigm and mindset shifts, and the transformation of organizational cultures.

Leslie Grossman UN HQ 2018.JPG

Leslie Grossman

Women’s Leadership Expert

Leslie Grossman Leadership builds successful leaders and businesses through collaboration, shared vision, executive presence and the power of trusted relationships.

She is a leadership strategist, speaker, coach and author of Link Out: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections (Wiley), Grossman has dedicated 25 years to helping companies, CEOs, women leaders, and executives reach their goals and live fulfilling lives.


Molly Bedingfield

Founder & CEO Global Angel Foundation

Molly Bedingfield is a social entrepreneur, executive coach and truly inspirational speaker, who helps audiences to practically navigate periods of transition and transformation in order to improve their personal and professional lives, create greater levels of impact and access their game-changing potential.

Over the course of a career spanning more than 25 years, Molly has been involved in business management, leadership development and mentoring; experiences that enable her to tailor her business-critical messages in a relevant way which can be practically applied by any organisation.

Molly is the mother of four children, each in their own right talented singer/songwriters. International pop stars Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield have established successful solo careers, while Nikola and Joshua are currently developing their own albums and writing songs for others. She home-schooled all four through their high school education, placing a strong emphasis on creating an environment to allow creative ability to flourish and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

In 2005 Molly launched the internationally renowned Global Angels Foundation. With its hallmark 100% Promise, Global Angels empowers some of the world’s most disadvantaged families and communities. This has challenged the mainstream charity model, inspiring change in both charity and business sectors. Global Angels has been built with a passion and commitment to Molly’s principles of partnering, mentoring leaders, and creating effective teams. She inspires hearts and minds by including everyone on a journey of true transformation.

Her perspective on transformational leadership and talent development is based firmly on real-life, practical experience, and communicated with charisma, passion and immense warmth through her inspiring keynote speeches.


Kunal Sood

Founder and CXO of X-Fellows. Partner at X Impact Group, and the Executive Director of Strategic Alliances at Halo Drop a Life-Saving Drone Company based out of NASA AMES Research Park in Silicon Valley.

Kunal is passionate about transforming the lives of a billion people worldwide by leveraging exponential technological innovation and entrepreneurship. From working in the slums of Mumbai to collaborating with the United Nations in New York, Kunal has an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on humanity, as a humanitarian and advocate he has spoken at the UN General Assembly, TED, Forbes, Nexus Global, Kellogg School of Management, UPENN, Stanford, and Harvard University. Kunal served as the Executive Producer and Curator at TEDxSF and TEDxUNPlaza and co-produced the End Polio Campaign with Rotary International.

Kunal co-founded NOVUS an NGO at the UNGA. Currently, Kunal serves on the Advisory Boards of EDCast, KIN Global, and Hack Cancer. Kunal has a lifelong love for learning, with five masters degrees under his belt that include an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of management and a double masters from Penn. He is a graduate of the GSP program at Singularity University and is a TED Resident.