10 Most Visited Personal Branding Blogs


Your BRAND is what people say about you when you're not in the room. ~ Jeff Bezos


How important is Personal Branding?

Every entrepreneur, big or small has to build their own brand. It’s the way to establish yourself in the minds of your customers. But the whole thing is not an easy process – it takes a lot of effort, time and thought to make sure you are creating the right impact to your target audience. 

Check out some of the articles I found most relevant to help you out:

5 Free Ways to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Self-promotion on social media is very important to establish your brand. Linkedin is one of those social media platforms. Linkedin is very helpful in launching your presence as the platform is known as a database for budding professionals and established entrepreneurs. You definitely need to connect to those people!

Your Personal Branding Strategy in 10 Steps (Infographic)

I’m pretty sure you’re getting all hyped up to go out there and promote your brand, Rose Leadem had a point in looking into the back end of your brand first. Going over the purpose and fully understanding your brand so as to really make your mark and get the people grasp what/who you are and what you’re selling is crucial before your big reveal :)

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

Simon Sinek is made a great impression doing this interview. He nailed the whole millennial thing and it made you realised that Hell yeah, he sure has a point to consider!

26 Tips for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand Online

Where else to make it big in launching your brand if not on social media right? Jeff Bullas obviously knows how to make it big online and his tips list are short and precise. Being authentic so as to be consistent is one key point before going out there. And I like that he pointed out to recognise the people behind your back – that is brand with a heart :)

8 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand in 2017

Check out these spot on tips! Jonathan Long made it simple yet strong where to start promoting the brand and what to do after.  

The 5 Keys to Building a Social Media Strategy for Your Personal Brand

Kevan Lee is always a great read and even better to gain some great tips! Here he covered a quick intro of what personal branding is, being consistent with the look and voice of your brand, to focus on your line of expertise and consistently promote that on social media.

25 Sneaky Online Tools and Gadgets to Help You Spy on Your Competitors

Well, you have to get ahead of the game right? Competitor research is a major must-do before you launch your brand – actually you need to do this while you’re building your brand. You don’t want to launch your product or services a step behind your competitor. You have to make yourself better and bigger that the ones already in the market. These tools can make it easier for you and your team.

3 Examples Of Great Personal Branding

Your brand to your customers if you yourself don’t know what your brand is. This questions your expertise and what you should be known for.

22 Statistics That Prove the Value of Personal Branding

Don’t you love statistics? I do. It gives me ideas what to focus on and how the market is doing and what I should be doing. If ever you’re swerving out of line and quite at a loss how to promote your products or services better, getting insights from relevant statistics will get you back on track.

11 Personal Brand Building Hacks That Will Earn You More Customers Within Two Weeks

Neil is always go-to whenever I need to have a refreshing read – I love his tone of voice! This article gives you tips on how to gain customers – even that smile has a selling point!


There you have it! These articles will definitely delve your mind into deeper perspective about your branding and get things hyped up for you but if you find yourself still dazed with too much information and don’t know how to begin or how to go on, The X-Factor Digital Marketing Machine Agency will gladly get through the whole process.