“Her message resonated with our attendees and the response to the seminar was phenomenal.” - Monica Smiley, CEO Enterprising Women, USA

Put the Spotlight on Opening Up For What is Holding Your Team Back with High-Voltage, Memorable Speeches

by Rúna Magnúsdóttir, The Internationally-Awarded Expert in Personal Branding, New Paradigm Leadership, and Gender Equality.

- Now Available for Speaking & PANEL DISCUSSIONS Roles -

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Inspire Your Audience To

Find Out How Their Biggest Problems Are Hiding in Plain Sight


Conveying ‘Why GENDER EQUALITY MOVEMENT IS Hitting The Target But Missing The Point’!

Author, entrepreneur, business leader, and an overall go-getter, inspirational speaker Runa Magnusdóttir (a.k.a. Runa Magnus) can help you to inspire your team/audience with a unique message that’s sticks in their hearts and soul.

“Watch out for Runa! She’s got that extra Wow! factor,” exclaimed New York Times bestselling author Janet Bray Attwood – and there’s a good reason why.

As one of the unique female motivational speakers in Europe and North America, the founder & CEO of The Change Makers and co-creator of the #NoMoreBoxes Movement, Runa gives your audience a powerful onstage presence that is at once electric and unforgettable.

With a unique background experience in personal branding for entrepreneurs, and gender equality issues, Runa is here to represent your corporation worldwide in front of relevant audiences. Through energetic, timely, and often-humorous speeches that shape, move, and stir hearts and minds, Runa puts the spotlight on what matters in a way that is both original and insightful.

Runa is simply brilliant and one of the most authentic, wonderful people I know...her presentations are superb and engaging...I highly, highly recommend all aspects of Runa’s work. She is making her mark globally.
— Mary Schnack, President, Mary Schnack & Associates


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Who is Runa Magnusdóttir?

An Imaginative and Resourceful Speaker Who Takes Your Audience On an Inspirational Journey Out-Of-Their Boxes and into a World of New Possibilities.

Profoundly passionate about her life’s work, and always an Icelander at heart, Runa Magnusdóttir (a.k.a. Rúna Magnús) packs a mighty punch as an entrepreneur, business leader, author, and speaker.

Known for her palpable humour and incisive business acumen, Runa helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and organisations discover why one of their biggest problems is hidden in plain sight –.

She has created two EU-Awarded Leadership and Personal Branding Programs, she is the author of two books; “Branding Your X-Factor, How the Secret to Your Success is Already Right in front of Your…” and “The Story of Boxes, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” she is the CEO and founder of The Change Makers, a group of international thought leaders coming together to empower humans to become the change they want to see in their world.

By playing a pivotal role in Iceland’s National Assembly of 2009 – where the nation’s leaders came together to reinvigorate the country following the economic crash – she helped to transform and reshape the island’s economic standing.

But that’s not all. Runa is the co-founder of NASKAR Investments (a woman-only investment group), and the past vice-president for FKA, the Icelandic Associations of Women Business Leaders. She is also the Global Ambassador for IWIB (International Women in Business). And she has spoken onstage at conferences such as; HubSpot’s famous Inbound conference, keynoted by Chelsea Clinton, Daniel Pink, Brené Brown, Enterprising Women Magazine Awards, JUMP, Small Business Branding Day and other luminaries.

Where can I learn more about Runa Magnusdóttir?

How Speaker Runa Magnusdóttir Helps Your Brand and Organisation

Are you looking for a speaker to inspire your team or audience on topics related to branding, entrepreneurship, and gender equality?

Backed by years of relevant experience, Runa Magnus is here to help your company by delivering actionable conference speeches that crackle with deep insight and reverberate with wit, charm, and warm Icelandic humour.

Known for having audiences “on our feet, laughing and inspired” (well, that’s what the host of Techno Granny said about Runa’s speech, anyway), Runa has received multiple international awards in branding and entrepreneurship – and is widely acclaimed for these traits as a speaker:

Crafting and delivering speeches with a fresh, human appeal. With audacious honesty and fearless humour, Runa keeps her audience riveted and engaged, stimulated and moved – strengthening your brand’s positive reputation.

A capacity for clarity. A talent for grasping an audience’s frame of reference means that Runa Magnus infuses her speeches with complete clarity – she breaks down concepts, ideas, and methods in a way that every conference attendee can understand.

.. she can convey a message in a clear and entertaining manner...by communicating an important and relevant message in a convincing and entertaining way, which makes her delivery an experience that remains with the listener.
— Klaus M. Pedersen, Manager – Internationalisation – The Malta Chamber of Commerce


Why Runa Magnusdottir’ Approach Gives You the Confidence that Your Audience Will Be Inspired To Take Their Steps Out-Of-Their Boxes – Exactly as You Want It To

There are, to be sure, an ample number of reasons why you can feel confident in Runa’s raw talent and speaking prowess – just peek at the testimonials below!

But there’s an additional reason why you can look to Runa with confidence – and the assurance that she will meet your conference and event objectives for your brand and corporation.

Actually, there are 3.

Runa has a well-honed, 3-step approach to give you the peace of mind that she’ll will leave your audience feeling inspired and motivated to step-out-of their limiting box:

  1. Mutual collaboration between Runa and your team on the specific message you want to get across at the event, conference, or seminar.

  2. Instilling in that message an inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit – Runa taps into her extensive background experience to deliver a deeply authentic talk that reflects your brand and resonates with the audience.

  3. Delivering the talk – Runa gives the talk with the intention to not only inform the audience, but also to leave them spellbound, mesmerized, and thoroughly “Wowed!” In this way, a meaningful emotional connection is made between the audience and your brand.

Praise for Runa Magnus

There are three things you can be sure Rúna will ALWAYS bring to the table in every project or task she’s involved with: 1) The passion which motivates and inspires the people around her; 2) Out-of-the-box thinking and solutions to the challenges we face; and 3) Clear and well thought out actions steps to achieve the desired results. Her branding wisdom, insights, and talents as a leading European Transformational Personal Branding Speaker and Strategist are not only transformative but are also easy to understand to implement. She’ll get you out in the world in a way that is authentic and aligned with who you are and what you stand for.
— Nicholas Haines, CEO & Founder, Five Institute

Runa’s expertise on branding was shared with our attendees at the Enterprising Women of the Year Awards event during our Connect, Grow & Inspire Workshop series. Her message resonated with our attendees and the response to the seminar was phenomenal. If you are looking for a speaker who connects with her audience, look no further than Runa.
— Monica Smiley, CEO Enterprising Women, USA

Thanks so very, very much - your presentation to a public sector audience was very well received; people commented on your authenticity, realness, knowledge, but overall your joy in life - living and being the person you can be.
— Dr. Jeremy Monsen, Executive Principal Educational Psychologist, London, UK


And Here’s What Conference Attendees Have to Say About Runa Magnus…


To Those Looking for a Highly-Qualified, Engaging Speaker to Take Your Audience Out-Of-Their Boxes - Here’s a Personal Message from Runa Magnus to You

“Why am I doing this?

As it turns out, I’ve attended and spoken at dozens of conferences all over the world. Most often around the topics of Personal Branding, Gender Equality or Gender Equity.

Giving your audience a real food for their thoughts, tips, insights, tools and stories designed to inspire them to look at their own ability to grow, become the change they want to see in their world.

I believe endlessly in the power of human beings. I also believe each and every one of us can become the change we want to have more of in our world, whether it’s a big or small change.

Giving your audience space to look deep inside for their inner strength and ability to make a difference in their lives. Living without the limitations of the labels, or boxes as I see them, boxes that they have either been placed in or they have placed themselves in. That is the reason why I’m willing to travel the world away from my family and friends.“

Runa Magnus CEO The Change Makers