Ep#26 | How To Be Everything You Are And Succeed!

Shay is an entrepreneur with a portfolio of multiple businesses and the soul of a performer. She is passionate about giving a voice to people who are not confident enough to use their own and to ensure that those who are facing distressing times in their lives are treated with the care and sensitivity that they need. To that end has established a successful career as a barrister spanning over 15 years.  

She is a partner in her own law firm (Aly Hulme Associates) alongside which she works as a mediation trainer and has trained hundreds of mediators all over the world, to ensure that they are also trained in dealing with those in need in the most sensitive possible way.

She specialises largely in Employment, Family and Immigration law and is often praised for her eloquence, sensitivity and unflappable nature.

Shay also has a long history of transformational work. She qualified in coaching in 2005 and works as a Senior Leader at Tony Robbins’ events across the world.

She is the author of two books in the field of personal development (“How to Be Captivating” and “The Grown-Up Guide to Kiss Chase”) is well known on the London personal development circuit as the founder and host of Inspire’d Stage - a well-respected event which has been described as one of the best speakers nights in London and has been running for over 4 years. It aims to give those that have a message to share a warm and comfortable platform from which to do so, and for those in the audience, it provides much-needed inspiration and joy in the heart of London, no matter what your level of personal development and growth.

Inspire’d also have a sister event in Seville and a spin-off international radio show, Inspire’d Perspective.  Shay has previously featured in Psychologies Magazine and the Sunday Times Style Supplement in relation to Inspire’d and her work in this field.

Outside of her legal and personal development work, Shay is also a jazz/soul singer-songwriter and improv comedienne.

Well, this episode really had me elated and thrilled to be talking to one of my special friend and colleague in a network for Transformational Leaders, Shay Allie.  

Shay is a true example of a great inspiration for a woman that wears many hats - and does it all quite successfully mind you :) And with that many roles, she vehemently refuses to have herself put into boxes.

Shay is a great believer in making a difference in people's lives either by defending them, making them laugh or through her music. The importance of being able to show every side of herself is what she'd like to inspire to every person, whatever the gender or race.

In this fun episode with her, Shay also shared an important self-awareness activity that I think everyone should try in order to find our core values. Its purpose is to eventually give us confidence so we can stand up for who we truly are.

Make it that the urge to be heard is bigger than your fear

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Great takeaways from Shay:

  • Don't allow yourself to be put in a box

  • Take the responsibility to inspire yourself

  • Learn from what you have

  • You have the capacity to control your life

  • Undertand your higher self

  • Find your core values

  • Remember, there's a space for you - you just have to find it

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' The Grown Up Guide to Kiss Chase '   and ' How To Be Captivating '