Ep#28 | Aliveful Organisations With Sensority

what is life to you?

Holding a Political Science degree from UCLA, and an Executive MBA from The New York Institute of Technology, American David Brower spent 20 years in the international entertainment business (publishing & licensing, TV/home video/DVD/ Film marketing and distribution) with global industry leaders Disney and IMAX Corporation.

Among the first Certified High Performance Coaches by Brendon Burchard “the world’s leading high performance coach” and the first to have offered this approach in France, and among the first in Europe.

Trained in the CTI® Co-Active Coaching method, the largest and oldest coaches training school in the world, and the first school to receive accreditation by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

Creator of his own proprietary human expansion and connection live event, Sensorial Experience Day™ (SED), an immersive and unforgettable day of rejuvenation and renaissance.
Already twenty put on in the USA in Austin, Texas; Boulder, Colorado; Los Angeles and San Diego, California; and in Paris, his home base for 27 years now.

Hence his nickname “The Sensorial Guy!”

David developed the foundation of his proprietary “Alivefulness™” teaching and trainings, an ALIVE activated awareness and appreciation, an amplified sensorial experience of everyday experiences, and in strong connection with others for ultra performance in work and home life.

Certified Conference Speaker by the French Professional Speakers Association (AFCP) and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), and Tedx La Défense speaker on “The power of a real human connection.”

David also contributed his chapter “Loving 10derness” to the book “Successful Living & Successful Life” with Jose Gomez M.D., prefaced by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

And while at leader WallStreet Institute (upon arriving in France 25 years ago) trained in English, in personal impact, charisma and connection, executives across the top global advertising agencies Paris offices: DDB Needham, BBDO, GREY, CLM…

With a passion for connecting, inspiring and teaching with panache, David offers Group coaching of leaders (e.g. Board of Directors, Divisions) and their teams in themes including ultra performance sensorial tribe building, mutual trust and respect building, connection intelligence, active appreciation, letting go, FUN, behavioral change, exiting crisis, resilient vitality, aligned personal expression, juggling our various personalities, and always with pleasure fused in!

Known as a Super Connector amongst his friends, peers and family, David is a member of several powerful networks including: www.mastermindtalks.com, www.thetitansummit.com and is a co-founder of The Network for Transformational Leaders.

His bi-nationality (two passports!) offer him a unique experience, from the first part of his life in Beverly Hills, to his discovery of France (1992), from which he never left.

David is epically and happily married to his French wife of 25 years, and is totally fluent in French, and not just in the language!!

A genuine European ⇆ American

A great talk with David Brower that actually left me impressed with his sense of adventure and courage in going someplace completely different from everything he's used to. That took quite a lot from a fresh foreign graduate off to France (I can't complain about the choice of place though ;)

David gave insights on the importance of human connection. In organizations where people may seen cold and almost impersonal in interacting with others, David showed me that human connection - actual human engagement (not on social media mind you :) is still the best way to experience humanity.

By which leaders should also connect with their team to bring out the best in them.

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how are you connecting with people?


Great takeaways from David:

  • There's so many ways to experience life

  • Why connecting with people is the key

  • Show courage & kindness

  • Unbox your emotions

  • Be open to diversity to appreciate others

  • Create human connection - that is when magic happens!

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