Ep#32 | From Homeless & Broken to Hollywood


Tony J. Selimi specialises in focusing peoples energy, time, and wisdom to build the confidence, momentum, and work-life balance required to overcome personal challenges, resolve business problems, and increase their performance, productivity, and shareholder profitability.

He is considered to be among world’s leading authorities on the psychology of breaking through perceived limits and in assisting people to achieve quantum leaps in empowering all of the key areas of life, including social, business, finances, spiritual, physical, relationship, mental and emotional well-being. His work is embraced by Fortune 500 CEO’s, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, MP’s, lords, royalty, millionaires, billionaires, and celebrities.

With more than 20+ years experience in business and information technology, Tony spent nearly two decades in private and public sectors managing teams and leading multi-million technology programs before pursuing his true calling to travel the world to speak, teach, and inspire fellow leaders, entrepreneurs, and people from all professions to maximize their human awareness and business potential.

Internationally known as The See-Through Coach, his mission is to educate and inspire men and women of all nationalities, creeds and colours to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated and inspired leaders, teachers, and healers who focus others on the things that matter to them the most.

Described as “a visionary thinker with a rare ability to see through people’s dis-empowered states, illusive facades, belief’s, and behaviours and awaken their innate genius, wisdom and love,” he teaches leaders and organizations how to mindfully engage, empower and elevate people so they can move forward with greater clarity, confidence, and credibility.

His mission impossible life journey formed Tony. It is described in the Book Excellence Award Winner #Loneliness – The Virus of The Modern Age in detail but he experienced the horrors of the Yugoslav civil war in 1990. Adrift after this trauma, Tony found himself homeless in London. While shaving, he would stare in the mirror at this person trying to heal his pain, educate himself, and climb the corporate ladder to feel fulfilled on the inside.

This “pain,” as he calls it, drove him to study the lives well-lived and extract a robust conscious framework for greatness that when applied can turn anyone into a masterful genius, and unleash their capacity to live like a legend.

Based on his own life’s transformation, he then wrote the #1 International best-selling book A Path to Wisdom, in which he shares his trademark methodology, the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™, a five-step framework that people can use to upgrade their systems for living and consciously engineer their reality. He is the co-creator of Living My Illusion, a multi-award-winning real-life coaching documentary series, which instantly has become a global phenomenon.

His talks inspire audiences globally, including the stages of the UN, Rotary International, Cranfield School of Management, London Business Show, Yes Group, PSA and TEDx. Appearances on Radio and TV stations across the world include interviews by Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy on SKY, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, & News 24 reaching over 50 million viewers, listeners, and readers worldwide.

For 20 years Tony has refined and perfected his framework by coaching the leaders of some of the most impactful organisations on the planet such as Microsoft, SAP, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, E&Y, Vandercom, Gaya Cards, Amec Foster Wheeler, and MBA graduates of the Cranfield University.

As a business consultant, he globally provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life’s challenges through his documentaries, films, books, talks, workshops, seminars, one to one coaching, mastermind retreats, articles, blogs, vlogs, TV and radio interviews.

Today, Tony is on a mission to teach his masterpiece framework of change, empowerment, and inspiration to one billion people. He is known for creating amazing transformation in people and leave them feeling empowered, peaceful and worthy of love.

Human Being vs Human Doing

Amazing to have met a person that lives out the meaning of his name :) Our talk started with an interesting introduction behind the deeper meaning of our names which should have gave me the red light that it will eventually lead to a very powerful and insightful talk - and I am so glad it did.

An episode which made me so thankful to have virtually met a very strong-willed human being who went through all sorts of painful experiences. That from being on the verge of life and death at such a young age to bullying and even experienced the distraction and hardships of Civil War. Tony is such an amazing and passionate human being that he took those challenges into a different route - to be the best he can be and help people acknowledge their true selves.

Being exposed to all sorts of distraction and with everything being taken out from you that may have permanently damage most people - how would one react?

Would that bring out the strength in you too?


Great takeaways from Tony:

  • We are always in a box, it's just the shape and the form that changes

  • Adversity can take you both ways - it's up to you which way to take

  • Master whatever box you're in and be ready to move on to a better one

  • Be the master of your life

  • Upgrade your true being

  • Bring your voice outside the box and acknowledge what you truly are

  • What's the powerful question that will lead you to a self reflective journey ?

  • Listen to the call of your soul

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 '#Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age'