Ep#35 | She broke out of her marriage, family and carrier box!

Lisa Petersen was born and raised in Wisconsin.  She married young and had 3 beautiful children.  Lisa spent 15 years working in Veterinary Medicine and when her twins were 2 yrs old she left that position due to severe allergies in one of her son's.  She spent several years home raising the kids and in 2003 her world changed.  Lisa went through a tough divorce- and was left with no financial choice except to figure things out for herself and the kids.  

But then Lisa was introduced in the Direct Sales industry and quickly discovered that this was a business she could do from home while being there for her kids.  In early 2004 she packed up the kids and moved to Los Angeles to start over...VERY scary!!

Lisa's business started to grow and within 3 years she was making well over 6 figures a year.  She also started helping many others make 6 and 7 figures a year  that's when she realized the power of not only having her own business, but relationships and connections with others.  The original company she started with closed their doors a few years ago and so she began her search for a new home.  

With a few detours along the way Lisa have VERY happily landed with a fantastic company!  Having very strong ethics and she's  proud to have found a company that has the standards, products and mission she  have been looking for!  Touchstone Essentials has made her realize she found a new passion in the Healthy Living World!  Lisa LOVE helping others build their businesses and find success they never dreamed of . . . now she can offer the best of both worlds . . . Health and Wealth!  

Lisa have been in Los Angeles for 14 years.  She now have 2 beautiful grandsons that fill her world and a wonderful significant other. As they travel the world together, she's able to share TS products and opportunity with people all over the globe!! 

This episode took us down the memory lane :) I dearly consider Lisa as my American sister and being that, I am very very proud of what she'd accomplished and her continuing advocate to help others stay healthy.

Living a life that was expected of her, her world suddenly came crashing down but she managed to stay upright and faced the music. She bravely got out of her box and started a new life completely different from what she was accustomed to. She threw away the box that limited her capabilities and her chance to grow that eventually led her to help others.

How are you making a difference?


Great takeaways from Lisa:

  • Be courageous

  • Don't be afraid to go outside the norm to accomplish your goals

  • Learn to get over your fears

  • Fear can hold you back so go out of your comfort zone

  • We grow stronger from the challenges

  • Your children mirrors your accomplishment

  • Choose the box that you're in

  • Learn to appreciate your journey however hard it is

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