Ep#65 | What is Possible

Tiffani Churchill is a serial entrepreneur and thrives at launching companies into extraordinary levels of success and fulfilment. She started her first company in her teens and spent many years training and consulting.

She began meditating at 5 years old and became a certified yoga teacher in 2003. She attributes her greatest success to finally merging these practices with her professional world.  She believes and teaches that by mastering the self and inner world greater results, well-being, and fulfilment will be achieved. 

Tiffani was trained by Indra Devi, the first woman to bring yoga to the west, and continues to teach yoga and meditation to individuals, businesses, and schools. She has volunteered her time for over 15 years to bring these beautiful practices to people in need.

Tiffani is the CEO of Impactful Productions which she founded with the purpose of creating content, films, and courses that will connect people to their own incredible power and to each other. She works with a highly talented team and  currently she is creating and producing an upcoming mini-documentary series called WHAT IS POSSIBLE.

You can find Tiffani inspiring large audiences or hosting transformational retreats and one-day workshops. She believes that philosophy and knowledge must be applied and focuses on providing practical tools to integrate successful practices into everyday life and business.

Several years ago, Tiffani experienced devastating circumstances.  She knew she had to make changes and wrote in her journal a new future. Passionate about Quantum Physics, the Power of the Mind, and certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming, she began to apply the principals that she had dedicated her life learning. Through a miraculous course of events, extreme internal work, constant mental rehearsal, and a conscious practice she is now living every aspect of the ideal life she designed, and let us say that Tiffani thinks BIG!  She turned her life into an experiment to understand how she went From Nothing to Everything. She is driven to teaching others and awakening them to the incredible power within each person.

Tiffani Churchill is in the process of “birthing“ her amazing passion project called “What Is Possible“

This is what Tiffani says about What Is Possible:

What is Possible are short (30-40) documentaries of extraordinary people from all over the world. They are designed to dissolve the perception of limitation and awaken the incredible power within each person. As you watch others accomplishing and experiencing the miraculous it opens up more believability of what is possible in your own life. Spontaneous healing, the power of the heart, mind over matter, overcoming the body, achieving success by overcoming incredible odds, are just a few of the topics and stories portrayed in the upcoming episodes. The series will be launched on Youtube to a worldwide audience in February 2019.

We can do some much just by uplifting ourselves.

Tiffany is bursting with so many great insights, I can’t seem to get enough of hearing her talk! And I have to say I myself cannot stop talking as well - we just connect! :) We had quite a conversation from comparing our countries to a very interesting talk about the importance's of us lifting us all up a level or two.

Some great takeaways from Tiffani:

  • We are all connected, each one of us affects the whole

  • People limit themselves and not fully aware of our power

  • Challenge yourself - Believe in yourself

  • Be aware to what matters

  • Cultivate your inner state to find happiness

  • People are unlimited, that includes you

  • Individual change has to happen

  • Take time to focus on self rather than others

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