Ep#68 | The Magic That Happens When Men & Women Talk

Dr Pauline Crawford-Omps, Gender Dynamics © Expert is passionate about people and their potential to collaborate and create highly effective and rewarding outcomes when working together. Whether your business suffers from high staff churn, demotivated employees or dissatisfied customers, at the core of all issues is the people and their ability to work together in a healthy collaboration. Transforming behaviour beyond the confusion of the current era of #metoo, Pauline works with men and women in corporate leadership, with their teams, and individual career professionals to solve and transform the many difficult and sensitive conflicts that damage performance and relationships at work. Her goal for her clients is to lift their game working together with values-based principles and conversations that underpin collaboration, innovation and sustainable results.

She is an International Speaker, Changemaker, Gender Dynamics © Expert, Certified Image Consultant, Corporate Culture and Protocols Specialist, Published Author and Educator. Having lived and worked across three continents - UK and Europe, Asia Pacific and USA - Pauline is a well- known inspiring corporate speaker who engages her audiences in a mindset shift regarding communication between men and women. With a focus on personal and professional transformation for individuals, teams, leaders and communities, her vision is to bring harmony and balance to the boardrooms of the world so that leaders - male and female alike – have access to the best talent available in a collaborative fusion of natural masculine and feminine attributes. As CEO and Founder of Corporate Heart since 1999, her UK clients include British Telecoms, Barclays, Marriot, Zeneca, GSK, Hewlett Packard, eBay, Innovation Norway, Urenco, Metropolitan Police and several Law Firms many more, and recently she has worked in Malaysia/Asia Pacific for 4 years, working with Ministry bodies and educational Institutions. She now resides in California, US. Pauline has a degree in Sociology and Statistics, MBA and PhD in Entreprenology. Her doctoral research is in Corporate Wellness Cultures in UK organisations. She is Past President and Life Member of the Federation of Image Consultants UK 1992-94 (now known as FIPI), CEO and Founder of Corporate Heart Ltd established 1999. She is the current President of World Association of Visioneers & Entreprenologists (WAVE) and a Directors of the International University of Entreprenology (IUE).

Listen to understand

Pauline had the gift of listening and she made use of that by studying differences between people to help them communicate and collaborate with each other. A very insightful talk as we discussed about arrays of topics such as being different, women leaders , changing times and how we are adapting to it.

Some great takeaways from Pauline:

  • Listen and Communicate

  • Remove judgement

  • Give value to differences

  • Women need each other

  • Conversation is always possible if you want it

  • Don't make assumptions

  • Amazing things happen

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