Ep#81 | From Debate Culture to a Dialogue Culture

Joel Mitchell’s Midwestern youth was inspired by singing and music, stars, birds, the natural world, dreams, myth and also yoga, meditation, Chi Gong and even bio-feedback before these became mainstream. 

Later, Joel worked for two international banks in NYC while completing professional performance studies, before moving to Paris in 1990 to begin his world citizen adventure.  

Appearing as singing actor in opera, concerts, theater and film, Joel is now blessed with colleagues and friends in all the European capitals.  Traveling to Japan and China, Joel developed educational programs for international business schools there, networking students, alumni, and university faculty with business leaders, entrepreneurs, government and cultural institutions, and facilitating Paul Hawken’s WiserEarth.org platform’s adaptation into Chinese.

Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s vision of a world that works for everyone, Joel masterminded a series of community events in Tokyo (2014) around the commitments and vision of Lynne Twist, global activist, and her Pachamama Alliance and Soul of Money Institute. Lynne remarked, “It was the most masterfully orchestrated trip <I have> ever been a part of. “  https://soulofmoney.org/10-days-in-tokyo/ 

To run parallel with the Tokyo Olympics  2020, Joel Mitchell is convening the first International Peaceful Prosperity Games gathering visionaries, entrepreneurs, artists, leaders facilitators and coaches, to propose playful processes and games to foster the ‘more beautiful world our hearts know is possible’ (Charles Eisenstein) 

When you ask Joel about his passion he replies: “Discovery Dialogues Credo I am passionate about the liberating power of deep discovery dialogue as an approach to business, relationships and life.  It drives me crazy when I see people trapped in the conflicts of our debate culture -- either/or, this/ that, whose side are you on? -- when all of us can access multiple perspectives, align seemingly opposing forces, and generate flowing, fulfilling businesses and lives.”

Then he goes on and says: “When I witness people waking up from their limiting beliefs -- “I don’t have any choice!” -- into “Not even the sky is the limit!”, I’m overjoyed.  What I love most is working with innovators and leaders to uplift and inspire themselves, their teams and their communities.  From there, looking back on our former limited selves has us laughing up a storm.”

Some great takeaways from Joel :

  • Change is constant, embrace it

  • We are one with nature

  • Change maker is someone who is one with change

  • Listen to your inner voice

  • Keep yourself in "discovery mode"

  • We can create the world we want to live

  • We can let go of the rules we don't want to participate on

  • We have limited amount of time and what we put into that limited time is what counts

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