Ep#83 | Why I left the Association of Women Business Leaders (FKA)

Oh the Story of Boxes!.

Either we place ourselves into boxes, or we are being put into a box.

A few weeks ago, Runa decided to leave her old association of women business leaders in Iceland (FKA). An association that she had been putting her energy and focus into for the past 20 years. Throughout these years, she had the privilege to work on their behalf as the Chair of their International Committee, their board member and even their Vice-President.

They worked on several transformative projects. All related to increase gender equity and equality in Iceland. - Projects that she is both proud of being part of and as well and are linked to her core values in life, i.e. people being valued for who they are, regardless of their gender, race, religion or background.

So, why did Runa leave such a beautiful association, you might be asking yourself?

Well…You will find out in this episode. (LOL) ;-)

Like Runa says: “My core message… every time you make a decision, people will judge you, or make assumptions, place you into a box. The question is; what are you going to do with that box? Live it - Love it - or Leave it?

You might have loved and enjoyed an association or tribe of people for some time. Their purpose and mission might have been at one point in your life what you stood for. You might have formed excellent relationships with people in that tribe/association. But, people change, tribe changes, associations change.

If the container that holds the tribe/association isn’t speaking the values, the visions, the change you want to see in your world, it’s time to take your bravery pill and step out.

I think it’s important to understand one core thing: You are not leaving the beautiful relationships - You are leaving the container that holds the relationships, there is a massive difference between the two.”

Some great takeaways from Rúna:

  • Boxes can be good, bad and ugly

  • Get out of the box that isn’t nurturing you any more

  • People should be valued regardless of race, gender, religion or background

  • People should have the space to explore who they really are without judgement

  • Words have tremendous power, choose your words mindfully

  • You have a choice - choose the box that serves you

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