Ep#88 | Change Your Voice - Change Your Life

Over forty years ago, Anthony Wade yearned to sing. Not a natural singer, he felt compelled to learn the techniques that speakers, pop stars and soul singers used to achieve their powerful performances. This led him to study how the voice works, and its connection with the human spirit behind it After mastering his own voice, he spent the next thirty years teaching other speakers and singers to get the best from their own voice; and his ability to motivate and inspire people was recognized as a unique gift.

He has coached Grammy Award winner Sam Smith, and one of his current pupils is ‘The Voice’ winner Jermain Jackman. He is no ordinary singing/vocal trainer, but an expert in removing the mental blocks preventing people from reaching their ultimate life goals.

He has lectured and coached at educational establishments all over the world, from secondary schools to the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts He has helped not only TV personalities and pop stars, but also barristers, teachers, blue-chip company executives, and international football managers. In doing so, he has amassed a wealth of experience diagnosing thousands of varied vocal challenges, and his methods quickly show a student just how powerful a singer or speaker they can become.

His understanding of how the voice and mind work together, plus his influence in the speech and music professions, make him the obvious choice to help any student, from whatever field, achieve their goal.

The title ‘Dr Voice’ was bestowed upon him in recognition of his consultation work for television and radio, and from the many, many people who have benefited from his mastery of the human voice.

Dr Voice’s life coaching sessions are an experience unlike any other. You’ll spend the day with him and he’ll take you on an exploration into your inner self through the power of your voice.

The Immersion Day is designed to remove psychological blocks that hold you back in your self-expression. Dr Voice promotes a profound change to your personality to help you prosper in your personal and working life. By working your voice to a deeper level, you’ll unleash a power in your voice and personality that you’ve never experienced before!

Some great takeaways from Dr. Voice:

  • Language is very powerful

  • Negative words creates negative and upsetting environment

  • Your inner voice can dictate your outer voice

  • Your voice is the soundtrack to your life. It is the echo of who you really are

  • We must be in tuned with our sound of who we are

  • Most people are in boxes with their voice

  • We all have voice to share

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