Ep#21 | Becoming the leader worth following

Featured on Good Morning America and written about in U.S. News and World Report, Angela Raub is a true renaissance woman both personally and professionally. Angela’s uncanny ability to thrive in numerous industries proves an extensive network partnered with unwavering determination leads to consistent success.

Angela Raub earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Business from the University of Toledo and completed her MBA at Georgia State University’s – J. Mack Robinson College of Business.

Her professional journey began in higher education at the University of Toledo managing the National Merit Scholarship program, as well as overseeing all NCAA Division I athletic scholarships. When moving to Atlanta over 13 years ago, Angela left the world of higher education to join the field of telecommunications at the height of cellular tower infrastructure build-outs.  Following a four-year tenure with her two business partners, they sold their portfolio to one of the world’s largest cellular tower company.  Ms.Raub was then hired to run the #7 nationally ranked MBA program in the U.S. for GSU’s – J. Mack Robinson’s College of Business.  She and her team helped to elevate the program into the top five in the country while serving on the International Advisory Board for GMAC.

Ms.Raub was recruited to join a boutique wealth management firm in Atlanta.  Several years later, hired by the CEO for Hotel Equities to join his development team and help them grow their holdings portfolio.  She helped them grow the portfolio by 35% during her tenure while helping to raise private equity and institutional monies on Wall Street.  Prior to leaving, she helped with raising $178 million in equity and debt for two new developments in Atlanta and one in South Beach.

Angela served on the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s – Women’s Leadership Advisory Board for 8 years and volunteers with several organizations that help to fight against human trafficking in Metro Atlanta. Along with being an avid runner, circuit trainer and moviegoer, she loves spending time with her family and friends. Angela currently is the Chief Sales Officer of Leadercast. She and the team are working to expand their global footprint while striving to fill the world with leaders worth following.

This episode with Angela is quite energizing and interesting - it got me from imagining her pushing a cart and selling eggs to cars to lakes!  I love the way Angela presented her ideas through vision and imagination, it had deeper impact on me as what she aimed it to be.

Angela shared her own journey on how she discovered her gift of leadership. She also talked about the importance of taking care of yourself as a leader. How it can affect your impact on people and why is it unselfish to do that. And that being on top doesn't always makes you happy, sometimes you have to take a leap and do what you love :)

The Universe will always show you what you need to experience in order for you to go where you should truly go and you're true purpose lies.


Great takeaways from Angela:

  • No man is an island. You cannot lead without followers

  • Do what you love and take the risk

  • Find your purpose, your authentic self and be a better leader

  • Make the world a better place and be a better leader

  • Taking care of yourself gives you strength to make a lasting impact

  • We can become the change

  • Children are our truest form of marketing - it's your extension of yourself

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