Ep#22 | P-L-A-T-I-N-U-M Life

Meet Sandra Biskind - A spiritual teacher, speaker and international #1 best selling co-author of The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM series, Sandra works with conscious leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to solve their seemingly unsolvable problems. Known as a profound energy master and the transformational leaders’ leader, Sandra has the ability to access the human mind field to reveal your core soul issues and delete their dysfunctional impact on your life. By accessing hidden, unconscious structures in the matrix of your soul, Sandra can deactivate what’s been sabotaging you and facilitates instant shifts and provides a system to make them permanent.

For the past 35 years, Sandra has attuned people to the enlightenment frequency of unconditional love which changes brain state — facilitating higher levels of awareness and success. A global award-winning businesswoman, Sandra inspires, enlightens and empowers people to fulfill their extraordinary human potential so they can be more prosperous, fulfilled, and have a greater impact in the world. 

Sandra Biskind is a global thought leader, international speaker, spiritual mentor and #1 Bestselling author.  She has a unique gift to identify and eradicate the unconscious programs that undermine success—instantly amplifying her client’s ability to live freely and thrive. Sandra and her husband Daniel created a multi-global award-winning retreat in New Zealand, named the World’s Best Luxury Coastal Hotel in 2010.

Sandra Biskind offers a rare combination of business savvy, transformational leadership and soul enrichment. With her down-to-earth wisdom coupled with her multi-dimensional gifts, she creates profound sustainable shifts.  Sandra is committed to working with leaders who are passionate about attaining the next level of success and making a global impact.  

Known for solving unsolvable problems, Jack Canfield said, “She is a profound healer, trainer, speaker and author who does some incredible transformational work. I’ve experienced her work and found it truly life changing -- so much so I had her work with my entire staff with magical results. She has an amazing ability to shift energy and remove unconscious blocks on very deep levels.  Her unconditional love, joy and radiance fills the room. She is the real deal and I highly recommend her and her work.” Using her unprecedented laser-like techniques, Sandra takes the brakes off your unconscious, freeing you to accelerate into the thrilling experience of a life without limits.

This great interview with Sandra gave me the chills!

When she went on about living in an Ego mind world and how our hidden unconscious might be running our lives without us knowing it - actually had my mind spinning! I was thinking Am i living in that world right now? The mere fact that we might be unconsciously living a life that we thought we have control of is quite alarming really.  As a leader myself who vowed to empower and create change, i am to take control of my life , that is to only welcome positivity and love to myself and others.

What stops you from being a change in the world?


Great takeaways from Sandra:

  • Be in a state of love and be of service to yourself & to others

  • Are a PLATINUM being?

  • 8 qualities of a PLATINUM being

  • Free yourself from negativity to reveal who you really are

  • Everything that happened to us, we made real by acknowledging it

  • Follow a leader worth following

  • Be your own leader

To learn more about Sandra and be enlightened, visit her at The Biskind.

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