Ep#3 | The Magic to Enjoy Who You Are

Meet Gido Schimanski | The Change Maker,  High-Achievers Paradigm Shifter.

Gido is an international teacher and coach based in London, best known for his unique style of Trance coaching.

Following a successful career as an actor and dancer, he now works with private clients in the UK, US, Singapore and throughout Europe.

The techniques at the core of Gido’s coaching work track down and release the blockages and limiting beliefs that keep the client stuck in a place of discomfort. He has helped clients overcome issues in all areas including health, career and relationships.

In this interview Gido shares with Rúna some Tips, Insights Tools & Stores for fast-forwarding thinking and high-achieving leaders to drive the change they want to see in their world AND enjoying their magic at the same time.


Some key points in this episode are:

  • Accept your magnificent self . Embrace your flaws and imperfection and be at peace with yourself

  • Learn and allow yourself to be happy -- even when you have 'made-it'

  • Find the link that holds you back from feeling good about yourself as a leader in your industry

  • Why you should find a perfect coach that will help you understand your mindset and find the root cause of what blocks you from feeling that magic!

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