Ep#4 | Why don't we learn from our mistakes?

Ups... I did it again

Chances are you have at one point or another said this to yourself.  We all make mistakes.  'To err is human' - but why do we continue to make the same mistakes again, and again?

In this episode, The Change Makers, the CEO & Founder Five Institute, Nick Haines - the man behind the world-renowned personal assessment test, Vitality Test shares with Rúna how your energies are the core reason for your mistakes -- and why you keep making the same ones repeatedly. 


In this episode, Nick shared some great insights:

  • Key knowledge understanding why you keep making the same mistakes

  • Look and understand your past, take in and accept the "now" and apply it to your future

  • Learn the 3 solutions for each energy to make yourself move to the future

Know your dominant energy and start understanding yourself to move forward.  Take the test now!  Click here!

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